5 productions on Netflix for those who do not love Christmas so much

A few weeks before Christmas, his magic was already in every corner. Blaring carols, ornate houses and malls, and Christmas movie marathons, a headache for those who don’t enjoy it as much as others.

For these folks whose passion isn’t exactly one of the most colorful end-of-the-year celebrations, with this list of productions you’ll be able to evade the honeyed Christmas stories to some degree.

Although the above could be almost impossible, five productions on Netflix change the perspective of Christmas with their stories, some of them, even terrifying.

Christmas Eve is my condemnation

The protagonist hates Christmas, but under pressure from his family he decorates his house. On Christmas Eve he suffers an accident. When he wakes up a year later, at the same time, condemned to always relive the date year after year, and to face again and again everything that his other self does during the remaining 364 days.

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This story is a classic. Set in the Christmas season, this film shows us the terror of its protagonists through what was a Christmas present, a tender creature. The gift will end up spawning a repellent entourage of dangerous little beasts.

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El Grinch

The opposite side of those who enjoy Christmas cannot be complemented better than with this movie. This green character decides to steal Christmas, but a little girl could soften the heart of those who hate the celebration.

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Krampus: The Terror of Christmas

Terror cannot be absent even at Christmas time. This film presents us with a family that puts aside their Christmas spirit, an occasion that a demon takes advantage of to terrorize them after they do not have the festive attitude.

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Black Mirror: White Christmas

Undoubtedly one of the most dystopian episodes of the series will show us a strong plot at Christmas. The 74-minute episode is the only special related to the celebrations. Two men find themselves in a remote cabin covered in snow, where they both decide to talk and tell the dark reasons that led them to this site.

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