21 Days of Happiness: Homes with a New Flat (Day 16)

The families of the communities of San Juan Sacatepéquez were benefited by a floor casting project, which will allow the children to improve their health.

33 families from San Juan Sacatepéquez are the first to be taken into account in the first part of the project, in which households with young children were prioritized, since they are the most prone to gastrointestinal diseases when the floor is of Earth.

This is how one of the rooms in the Puluc Tubac family’s house looked before Cementos Progreso cast the floor to fulfill one of the wishes of 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo.

This is the case of the Tubac Puluc family, which was the last one they helped this year and who celebrated the event with a delicious pinol, a typical dish of the community that is made with tomato, miltomate, onion and broken rice. .

The floor watered with pine, the food on the fire, the table set and everything impeccable, that’s how the Tubac Puluc house was the day they finished casting the cement floor.

The joy is great in this family, which sees this as a support stone for the development of the community, since in this way they will prevent the smallest of the home from constantly getting sick.

Sandra Olivia Tubac Puluc and her mother, Dora María, opened the doors of their home to us. “Casting floors is very important for my community and for my family,” said Sandra Olivia, adding that it is a cause for celebration for all who live in her home.

But why celebrate with pinol? Pinol is a food that is only made in that region when something very important is being celebrated or commemorated.

A worker works in the casting of the floor in the Puluc Tubac family home to fulfill one of the wishes of 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo

Healthy, safe and sustainable floors

This project is led by Cementos Progreso, thus fulfilling one of the wishes of Prensa Libre’s 21 Days of Happiness.

The name of the project is Pisos S3, which means that they are healthy, safe and sustainable floors.

“This is a pilot project that was born in alliance with the Inter-American Cement Federation -FICEM-, Cementos Progreso, the Global Network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs, the Institute of Cement and Concrete of Guatemala-ICCG- and Habitat for Humanity,” said Ángel Oliva , of Cementos Progreso.

It is planned to benefit more families in the near future, more than 40 thousand people live in the area.

“This Christmas they will already have a flat in their homes and also a water purifying filter,” said Oliva.

The communities in the western area of ​​San Juan Sacatepéquez, which is where the project takes place, are quite large. They are implementing the model to study what should be improved for the next phases and that the inhabitants have a more dignified life.

Cementos Progreso representatives together with the Puluc Tubac family had a delicious Pinol lunch to celebrate after fulfilling a wish in 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo.

This model has already been implemented in other Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru and Colombia.

To select the beneficiaries in the first phase of the project, Oliva explained that they relied on the Global Network of Indigenous Entrepreneurs and Habitat for Humanity to standardize the vulnerability criteria of families.

The most important criterion they took into account was that in each family in phase No. 1 there should be young children to contribute to their health.

The benefited communities are those close to Cementos Progreso’s San Gabriel Plant, an area conducive to sustainable development.

Oliva sent a message to all the readers and followers of Prensa Libre in these 21 Days of Happiness: “I want to encourage us to live together, as a family; May we be in solidarity with our neighbors and please be responsible this holiday season due to the pandemic that we are still experiencing. In this way, we build together the country where we want to live ”, Oliva enthused.


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