Violence, corruption, misery and drug trafficking, the dangers that threaten migrants on their route to the United States, according to Verzeletti

Members of the Conference of Religious Men and Women of Guatemala and the Casa del Migrante participated this Friday, December 17, in a 9-day mass in solidarity with the families of Guatemalans who were victims of the accident of a trailer in Chiapas, Mexico, and indicated indifference of the governments of the region, despite the fact that it has become a subject of “migratory violence”.

“Where did we go, brothers, why is this happening, who are responsible? The true leaders are not far from here, they are those who should promote public policies for integral human development and do not think about the common good of human beings ”, said priest Mauro Verzeletti, who officiated the mass at the Metropolitan Cathedral .

According to Verzeletti, the migratory crisis that has left a trail of death and desolation for Guatemalan families is aggravated, mainly, because “we live in a highly indifferent society, where drug trafficking structures grow every day taking advantage of the dreams of the migrants, to increase their economic power without scruples, without mercy, without love and without tenderness ”.

He also explained that a fundamental part of the problem is due to corruption in governments, whose authorities are often linked to drug trafficking and organized crime structures.

“The commitment of those who govern the nations would consist of putting an end to all injustices and corruption in the immigration system that today is taking the lives of thousands of people due to the collusion of authorities with drug trafficking and organized crime.”

Verzeletti pointed out that the issue is so complex that there is a dramatic situation of the departure of children who join the human drama, since many are killed on their migratory route and others may be on the border between Mexico and the United States.

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He added that “the word migration means mourning, due to the innumerable difficulties such as borders with walls to jump over, police, military and migrants to evade so as not to be caught, beaten, robbed or deported”, in addition, migrants are classified as criminals ” for the fact of having to dream so high to find a decent life ”.

Verzeletti recalls that “tragedies have marked the history of this region since September 11, 2001 with the fall of the Twin Towers (in the US)”, when they began to “build walls to prevent the passage of any being human looking for a better future ”.

He assured that since that moment there have been tragedies and disappearances in Tamaulipas, Mexico, such as the massacre of 72 migrants in 2010, which was a “horrible and unprecedented tragedy in the history of migration in the region.”

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The religious added that in “this context of migratory violence against the poor who look for their daily bread,” other tragedies have occurred such as the 2019 massacre in which 17 other Guatemalans died, who “their only crime is that they have migrated undocumented ”.

“Government authorities, political parties, oppressors and multinationals have never had the sensitivity to recognize them as migrants with rights and dignity, because if they would not do, even if it was the minimum for their basic needs to be satisfied,” added the religious.

During the homily Verzeletti added that the government policies of the countries that are involved in the migrant issue have not fulfilled their offers to create bilateral and multilateral agreements “to consolidate and build a world policy of social welfare.”

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