Our details always make the difference

“Personality is to man what perfume is to flower.” Charles M. Schwab
The life we ​​live is made up of many details very specific to our way of being; For this reason, with the sum of our details in some way or another we make ourselves known and distinguished so that when someone has to describe how we are and how we can be recognized, what they do is list a series of details that are noticed at first sight and that are very typical of our way of being.

It is possible that those very specific details by which they know us and identify us make us more or less attractive in the environment where we work or where life has led us, but we must admit that it is impossible to please everyone who is part of it. of our relationships. We can take care not to affect third parties or so that it is not limiting us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves with many illusions.

The worst of human mistakes is to imitate those you admire so that you have a rewarding life in some way. We should realize that this does not work and, worse still, it does not help who we are. However, it is good to listen to suggestions or comments that they make us so that, in the first instance, we analyze them, and then see if they are favorable so that we work on it to integrate them into our life.

Without a doubt, every part of our life and our way of being can be improved and for this we must do our part with discipline, not simply to improve who we are but to be able to respect ourselves more, and that by advancing in each stage of life we ​​are progressing in achievements and also in maturity, understanding that life is a constant building step by step of what we will become at the end of life.

Each element that makes up our way of being has a detail, an initial point from which one can realize that we make a difference, for which they will have to look for us or they will avoid us, because we do not meet the expectations or requirements, but it is not that we serve or no, only that we are different.

It is surprising how many times they look for us when we are least expecting it, and it is simply because at a given moment our actions projected some detail that caught their attention and over time that detail opens doors for us in new projects.

Life teaches us that we must know how to be selective and to be so we must affirm the smallest things that make the difference with which we supply needs. For this reason, it is very important as soon as possible to get to know each other very well to know why we cannot be somewhere or why we cannot accept some challenges if we are not able to fill that space.

As coexistence is the most pleasant task that life offers us, it can be expanded every day in a larger circle when we get to know each other and we let others know us too. But it’s sad when someone is so closed that they never come out and then complain because they don’t take it into account when they are planning something. If they will include me, it is not to do me a favor, but because in this life, where we seek to win, we are the ones who add that detail of profit.


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