Mouriño: “We have the entire month of January to register Orbelín”

“You have to wait to have an extra-community place available to be able to register it, but I don’t know the exact date, it depends on Felipe -Miñambres-. We have the entire month of January to do it, ”said Mouriño.

After chairing the shareholders’ meeting, Mouriño declared that the negotiations are advanced. “But now it does not depend on us, it depends on the steps taken by the player himself and his agents,” he said.

The Celta president expects “very little movement” in the next transfer market. “All the clubs are at the salary cap set by La Liga, so I don’t think there will be many joys.”

At the sporting level, he acknowledged that his team “needed” last night’s victory against Espanyol to “loosen up”, and said he had “hope” that the numbers in the second round are “better” than in the first.

Finally, he stated that the situation with midfielder Denis Suárez “has not changed anything”, although he did not want to guarantee his continuity until the end of the season. “That will depend on him, on us and on whether any club wants to sign him,” he said.

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