How to calm the dog and cat during the Christmas and New Years fireworks

This situation can affect their physical and emotional health, so owners must prepare their dog or cat to deal with these moments.

The lights, the explosions and the smell of gunpowder cause the dog or the cat to think that his life is in danger and that is why he has behaviors that are considered abnormal by his masters, but all he does is try to protect himself . Each animal can react in different ways, be it flee, hide, attack or chase fireworks, explains Rosario Barrios, Cool Dog’s cat and dog trainer.

The stress and anxiety it generates in them can trigger heart attacks, skin and stomach problems, excessive licking and changes in behavior, he adds.

The veterinary doctor Karina Gutiérrez, from Clínica Amigos, indicates that it can cause a lack of appetite and immunosuppression, which makes them more vulnerable to developing a disease.

Barrios recommends not waiting until December 24 to adopt measures so that dogs and cats better cope with fireworks and thus can pass these days without problems. As a first step, you have to determine where in the home the animal feels safe and protected when it sees the lights, hears the explosions or feels the smell of gunpowder. We must remember that the hearing and smell of our pets is much more sensitive and they perceive everything magnified.

Then, you have to apply a systematic desensitization program, that is, desensitize the animals towards what causes them phobia. For it, Barrios recommends starting beforehand to get them used to fireworks by lighting the so-called “butterflies” and in the meantime, give the animal its favorite food so that it links them with something positive.

Also, they can be put to listen to recordings of fireworks at low volume, the first days, and gradually increase the intensity and, in the same way, feed them, so that they do not perceive annoyance due to sounds and vibrations.

While listening to these sounds, it is also recommended to give them mental stimulation.

Gutiérrez agrees to work on these protection measures with time. Advise that the dog or cat have their favorite toy in their safe place, that they listen to instrumental music or place a diffuser of essential oils or natural relaxants, while the pyrotechnics are burning, so that they do not feel the noise and odors with it. intensity.

The veterinarian advises against giving them sedatives, since the objective is that the animal also enjoy the celebrations with the company of the family, without being disturbed by the pyrotechnics.

Tellington Ttouch

The method Tellington Ttouch It consists of placing figure-eight bandages around the pet’s body in order to relieve tension and irritability, because it stimulates blood circulation in extreme areas. The coach also mentions the thundershirt, a vest that is donned and combined with proper canine training so that the dog can control his fear and stress.

Barrios and Gutiérrez clarify that these methods are not effective in all pets, because each case is different, so systematic desensitization is necessary.

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Anti-stress products

Chemical engineer Bianca Santizo, from Dra. Pet Love, developed a one hundred percent natural syrup that does not produce side effects, scientifically proven, to counteract stress, anxiety and irritability in household pets, including birds. It contains valerian, passionflower, hops, linden and orange shoots, which have relaxing effects on the central nervous system, as well as anxiolytics and antispasmodics. It is given to the animal three times a day, beginning in mid-December, and the dose in milliliters will depend on the weight of the animal.

Gutiérrez recommends homeopathic products such as Bach flowers for veterinary uses to treat stress in animals, which have had good results and without side effects, always under the supervision of the veterinarian, also from December 15.

Tips for treating stress and fear in animals

  • Determine the place where the pet feels safe, whether in his house, bed or a room; if it is a cat, it tends to prefer high places.
  • During the pyrotechnics, stimulate the animal’s mind in that location with interactive toys such as kong, curved object into which food is placed, be it concentrate, beef, chicken or liver, for the dog or cat to entertain itself by extracting it.
  • You can also use the licking mat, small special mat for dogs and cats, of various sizes and shapes, on which their favorite foods are spread, so that the animal can enjoy licking them and relax.
  • In the safe place you can apply products based on maternal pheromones, which help reassure him.
  • Avoid reinforcing negative behaviors; For example, when they feel scared, do not hug them or give them rewards, as it must be remembered that they are animals and do not console themselves in the same way as humans. It is essential not to transmit insecurity to them.
  • If the family goes out on festive days, never leave the animal on terraces or outside the house, because due to the panic caused by fireworks, it can run away or jump from higher levels.
  • This reaction can lead to you getting lost, run over or killed. Always leave it indoors in the company of an adult or in a pet hotel.
  • Taking the dog for a walk de-stresses it, so this activity should not stop being practiced at this time.

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