How much did Vicente Fernández charge for a concert?

Vicente Fernández was born in Huentitán El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico. In Guadalajara, he consolidated his love for ranchera music when he won a contest that led him to sing at events and restaurants. Then he joined Pepe Mendoza’s Mariachi Amanecer and Felipe Arriaga’s. Without a doubt, the salary he received at the beginning of his career was far from what he received as his fame increased and he proclaimed himself “The King.”

In 1965 Chente began visiting record companies. Through the XEX station, number 1 in Mexico, he began to build his local fame. A year later, after the death of the singer Javier Solís, the record companies called him to offer him contracts, but he signed with CBS México, now known as Sony Music, and recorded his first hits as Your way and mine Y Forgive me.

In 1976 he recorded Return Return, his debut single composed by Fernando Z. Maldonado. With this song he became an international star.

Earnings per concert

On December 12, 2021, the Charro de Huentitán family announced his death, after spending four months in the hospital. Many of his followers have questioned how much Vicente Fernández’s fortune amounts to, who will be the heirs and how he built his capital.

Without a doubt, one of the ways was thanks to the fact that the public was always faithful to his music and went to any city and scene in which he performed.

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In March of this year, several international media reported that the interpreter of By your damn love obtained two and a half million Mexican pesos in earnings for each concert, approximately 934,043.53 quetzals, at the exchange rate of December 2021. Amount that is considered was retaliated by the public who bought his ticket to enter the presentation, since Vicente was withdrawing off stage until people stopped clapping for him. That is why the famous phrase of the singer “while you applaud, your Chente continues to sing.”

In the contract that Vicente Fernández signed with the companies that hired him, it was detailed that the singer could go on stage riding a horse; also that his performances had to last at least an hour and a half, but the limit of how long he had to be on stage was not detailed.

Chente offered a farewell tour in 2016, after he announced his retirement from music. The last concert was held in the Aztec State on September 2 of that year. This presentation was filmed and is part of the album “Un Azteca en el Azteca”. The ticket was free as a token of appreciation to its audience.

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