“He dragged her to a corner and set her on fire”: this is how Jorge Rafael Zea would have perpetrated the crime against his wife, Luz María López

One year and 11 months after the violent crime against Luz María del Rocío López Morales, the main suspect in the murder, Jorge Rafael Zea Mejía, her husband, He is sent to trial by a Femicide court.

At the hearing, Zea Mejía tried to hide from the cameras in one of the columns of the courtroom in the Femicide court, in zone 10 of the capital.

Minutes later, what he was hiding most began to reveal itself. The victim worked in the Public Ministry and investigated some cases.

The Femicide prosecutor’s office of the Public Ministry began to relate the chronicle of the crime against Luz María and It all dates back to January 19, 2020.

That night, according to the thesis of the investigating body, Zea Mejía raped his wife Luz María to the point of killing her. The attack occurred in a house in a residential area in Zone 1 of Mixco, a property they rented.

The autopsy performed by experts from the National Institute of Forensic Sciences revealed that the cause of death it was “asphyxia by strangulation.”

Zea’s viciousness against his wife did not end there, according to the Prosecutor’s Office. After having killed her, He dragged Luz María’s body to a corner of the backyard and set it on fire.

The next morning, on January 20, according to prosecutors, Zea Mejía wrapped his wife in plastic and took her 18 kilometers to Simeón Cañas Avenue, in zone 2 of the capital. There he introduced her into a one meter deep throat and 1.60 meters in circumference.

Before the judge, the investigators showed the vital evidence to incriminate Zea Mejía: he kept his wife’s cell phone throughout that time, according to the geolocation signal.

After leaving Luz María’s body, the suspect moved to the home of some relatives, and his wife’s cell phone also marked that location.

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The signal and cell activation suggest that Zea Mejía he kept his wife’s cell phone and that gives him away.

Among the other incriminating evidence, prosecutors said, is the fact that impregnated human fat was found on the mesh in the backyard. This would have been expelled when the corpse of the young woman was set on fire.

With DNA analysis and other evidence, it was determined that Zea who set fire to it in the backyard of the house.

Following the court’s decision, It will be a Femicide court that holds the debate against the aforementioned.

Jorge Rafael Zea Mejía is the main suspect in the death of his wife, Luz María López. (Photo: Hemeroteca PL)
Relatives of the young woman and activists demanded last February justice for the crime against the young woman and for other cases of femicide in the country. (


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