Greece Recinos from circus to music

The singer and influencer Grecia Recinos, recently published her song “Pa Mi”, this is her second song, however, she has made several covers of songs, but since the beginning of the pandemic she paused, given the uncertainty that she was going to happen in the months to come.

She started singing in churches, when her grandmother was taking her, however she realized her talent, when she and her cousins ​​started playing karaoke and they realized that she had a beautiful voice.

Grecia Recinos, started working at the circus when she was four years old. Free Press Photo: Juan Diego González.

At age 14 he entered a music contest and won first place, yet his resources were limited.

His first song was “Te suré”.

The history of Greece

Grecia Recinos had the dream of being on television and wanted to be known by people.

Recinos was born in the circus, her parents are circuses and that led her to start working since she was 4 years old.

Her first show with which she debuted in the circus performance was in the rings, a show that takes place several meters above the sky and that the artist has to put all her strength in her arms, so as not to fall.

“Time went by, I liked the applause of the people and I decided to learn a little about everything,” says the singer.

At 17 she decided to retire from circus life, because she was presented with a job opportunity on a television show, with which she began her career on social media, with her music and as a presenter.

His first song was “Te suré”. Free Press Photo: Juan Diego González.

This opportunity presented itself without looking for it, however, it was the door to meet new people and live with other customs.

Her struggle to find a space took her to Ecuador, where her singing career took off, but the pandemic affected her work, because she already had agreed dates to perform in various places in the South American country.

Recinos spent a year and three months in that country, then he was able to return to Guatemala.

“Pa Mi”

He started writing this song for a while, thinking that it was for fans who like music, but especially for people to identify with the song.

The official video will be published in the next few days together with the Music Masters GT production company.

As part of his new song, Recinos will be giving a concert today Saturday.

Grecia Recinos will give a concert to promote their music. Free Press Photo: Courtesy Music Masters GT

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