Finally, the distinct society recognized!

Who would have thought that after decades of efforts to recognize Quebec’s distinctive character, after the unsuccessful attempts at Meech and Charlottetown, Quebec’s Law 21 would succeed where Quebec governments failed miserably in the 1980s and 1990s? ? Because that’s what it’s all about: from Toronto to Calgary, through Brampton and Winnipeg, from Canada’s ambassador to the United Nations to the federal ministers of the Trudeau government, and not to mention the NDP leader. and deputies from other parties, we finally recognize the distinct character of Quebec, namely a racist and intolerant society, which discriminates against citizens on the basis of religion and language, which prevents them from earning a living on the sole ground of their religious faith, which prevents them from choosing the school of their choice and forces the posting in French, which refuses to recognize its systemic racism.

Here is what our proud fellow citizens of the other provinces say and think of Quebecers (francophones obviously), looking with contempt and condescension at what is happening in Quebec: “Yes, Quebecers are very distinct, they are not like us, real Canadians, open to diversity and cultural communities. Distinct, Quebec? Just enough to deserve our contempt! “

The comments currently being made in the rest of Canada about Bill 21 show us that English Canada is incapable even of conceiving that there could be another vision of secularism and of what constitutes a society. and a civic engagement as his.

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