21 Days of Happiness: Help for Kidney Patients (Day 15)

This good deed was done by Mr. Manuel Mejicanos and Mrs. Eugenia Melgar, both subscribers of Prensa Libre, who were very happy to help a child with kidney problems.

Mejicanos assured that this is the third time he has participated in 21 Days of Happiness and what motivated him on this occasion was that, earlier this year, his brother had kidney problems. “At the beginning of the year I had a brother with a kidney problem, God blessed us with his health, he managed to get ahead and a way of thanking God for my brother’s life is this, by giving a little of how much I I have received from God during this year ”, explained Don Manuel Mejicanos.

Oliver Peláez poses for the photograph with his mother, Mrs. Karina Peláez and as well as Mrs. Eugenia Melgar and Mr. Manuel Mejicanos, who gave him a supply of medicines to fulfill a wish in 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo

In addition, he recalled that they are 21 Days of Happiness, but they are 365 days of the year in which we have the opportunity to give happiness to those who really need our support.

“I encourage all readers and subscribers of Prensa Libre to support these causes, not only at this time, but every day of the year. The truth is that it is a blessing in life, it strengthens a lot, it gives a lot of peace and joy to know that we have some hope as human beings to be able to reach out to others who are equal to us ”, reflected Mejicanos.

“I found out about the activity because I am a subscriber to Prensa Libre, I invite people to join the different causes, especially at this time when there is so much need, since we can all contribute a little,” said Eugenia Melgar, a of the volunteers who donated medicines.

Eugenia was motivated that we all have needs and that we can collaborate with others as much as possible to make a difference.

“I make an invitation to all people, regardless of how much we have, we can always contribute a little to others, at any time of the year, we just need to look a little to the side and we will always find people who need us. With great pleasure we can all contribute and make a different day in the life of each person ”, added Mrs. Melgar.

Full thanks

Robín’s mother is Mrs. Karina Peláez, who told us that the boy showed some worrisome symptoms and after undergoing a series of tests, he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

Since then they have done their best to be able to carry out the necessary treatment, although help is always required, since they are a family with few resources and in addition to Robin, they have two more children.

“As a mother, it is hard for you to receive this news, to be told that your child has kidney disease,” explained Doña Karina. Who added that when they gave him the news they informed him that his son has dry kidneys, he also stressed that it is a long process and that it is necessary to get a kidney donor, so that the child has a normal life.

Roosevelt Hospital medical staff pose for the photo, they are dedicated to treating children with kidney problems and are part of this 21 Days of Happiness story. Free Press Photo.

She explains that Robin receives treatment at Roosevelt Hospital and the first thing they did was peritoneal dialysis and then due to an infection it was necessary for them to start hemodialysis treatment.

Since the diagnosis, Robin has been in treatment for six months and is still waiting for a donor to do a transplant.

Doña Karina thanked this good deed, since it is a very valuable support for the treatment of little Robin.

Anyone can support Fundanier, the Foundation for Kidney Disease, with what comes from their heart to the monetary bank account: 70-830033-3 of the BAC, in the name of Fundanier.

Also, follow them on Facebook and Instagram as: Fundanier. More information in www.fundanier.org.gt


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