1.2 million vehicles circulate between Saturday and Sunday, on the weekend before Christmas

A tide of vehicles like few days in the year is observed, it occurs this weekend in Guatemala City, as a result of the purchases made by city dwellers on the last weekend prior to the Christmas celebration.

It is estimated that 1.2 million cars will circulate on the capital’s streets between Saturday and Sunday, said Amílcar Montejo, mayor of the Metropolitan Regulatory Entity of Transportation and Traffic (Emetra).

This amount of vehicles mobilizes about three million people whose main destination will be the 47 shopping centers, 23 municipal markets and eight Christmas bazaars that operate in the city.

In addition, there has also been an increase in informal vendors on the streets.

The increase in vehicle circulation is approximately 60 percent compared to a normal weekend, said Montejo, when approximately 600,000 automobiles are mobilized on Saturdays and 150,000 on Sundays.

Montejo explained that 850 officers of the Municipal Traffic Police (PMT) will regulate the traffic flow, and that breaks were suspended to have all personnel in operation.

Among the actions that they are implementing these days, there is the speeding up of the road at the crossing of traffic lights, operations in the perimeters of commercial areas and of “zero tolerance” for drunk people.

In addition, operations in extra-urban transport and in vaccination centers. For any unforeseen event, the PMT also has 50 reserve officers, reported Montejo.

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Commercial activity increases every year-end due to the payment of the Christmas bonus and other benefits that are granted to workers in the public and private sectors. To respond to this demand for cash, the Bank of Guatemala indicated that Q5 thousand 626 million will be injected into the economy.

The multiple offers, added to the reduction in COVID-19 infections and the reduction of dry law hours, may be some of the motivations for a large mobilization of capital residents and nearby municipalities through the capital.


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