Weather in Guatemala: Insivumeh foresees cold and possibility of rain for this weekend

The Insivumeh published the weather bulletin for this Saturday 18 and Sunday 19, when it foresees a warm environment during the day and a cold at night and early morning.

Also drizzles or scattered rains in the afternoon and night in the national territory.

For the central plateau, which includes the capital, areas with fog in the morning, little cloud cover, possibility of drizzle or late afternoon rain in mountain areas are forecast.

The north wind will be light with the possibility of changing to the south in the afternoon.

The maximum temperatures for the capital will be from 24.0ºC to 26 degrees, the minimum from 11 to 13 degrees,

For the central and western highlands the maximum temperatures will be 22 to 26 degrees; while in the West the minimums will be 2 to 4 degrees.

The Insivumeh explained that the drizzles and / or rains forecast for this weekend are associated with the entry of humidity from both coasts and high temperatures.

Also as of December 20, a weak cold front is expected to approach the Gulf of Mexico, so cloudiness and the possibility of rain increase from northern regions to the center of the country.

It recommends covering as much as possible at night and early morning due to the cold temperatures that will persist in the national territory.

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The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) reported that this week 236 people attended the shelters who were given shelter and protection due to the drop in temperature.

He added that the consolidated care so far is 891 people served during the cold season.

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