“We are dismayed”: UN urges Mexico to investigate the accident in Chiapas that left 56 migrants dead

The United Nations Office for Human Rights today asked the Mexican authorities to investigate the accident in which 56 migrants died on December 9 in the southern state of Chiapas.

“We are dismayed by the death of these people in southern Mexico and we urge the authorities to carry out an investigation into the events in order to guarantee justice for the victims and their families,” the spokeswoman said at a press conference. from the Ravina Shamdasani office.

On the eve of World Migrants Day, which is commemorated on December 18, the spokesperson stressed her concern about the incessant increase in migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Mexico, and especially about the large number of minors who are forced to undertake this journey to reach the United States.

The mobility of migrant girls and boys under 12 years of age in Mexico multiplied by six in 2021, going from 4,985 in 2020 to 32,309 this year, the Save The Children organization recently warned.

On the other hand, Shamdasani criticized the Migrant Protection Program (‘MPP’), applied by the White House, under which all Mexicans who request asylum in the United States are deported to their country while the process is being processed. in US immigration court.

“We are concerned about the application of the MPP and the risk that this program poses to Mexico’s already limited humanitarian capacity to support this flow of migrants,” he said.

“We insist that the Mexican and US authorities must bend their efforts to ensure migrants adequate protection, access to health and legal assistance,” he added.

“It is necessary to tackle the root of the problem and make an analysis of the causes that cause this migratory crisis, such as violence, insecurity, poverty, social discrimination and climate change,” he concluded.


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