Video: they capture attacks against traffic agents in the capital and in Mixco

This Thursday, December 16, two videos were published on social networks in which incidents with agents of the Municipal Traffic Police (PMT) are shown from the capital and Mixco.

One of them reports a recorded incident on Roosevelt Road and 14th avenue 11, around noon,

In the recording you see how a motorist assaults a PMT agent.

Amílcar Montejo, spokesman for that institution, said that the motorist Committed an offense by turning left into a prohibited area, so the agent asks him to park and asks for the respective documents.

“But nevertheless, the pilot decides to attack the agent ”, explained Montejo.

He added that it was a direct assault on the agent and that it will be operating in accordance with what the law allows. “Violence is not the way, mutual respect is,” he emphasized.

Also in Mixco

Another of the videos shows an attack on a Traffic agent in Mixco.

Mynor Espinoza, spokesman for the Municipality of Mixco, explained the event that occurred in the Tesoro Banvi neighborhood, in zone 2.

He said that there were complaints from several neighbors that mechanical workshops they occupy the sidewalks and streets, blocking the passage of vehicles and pedestrians.

By not attending the subpoenas, The Mixco Court proceeded to sanction three of the vehicles; however, one of the agents was attacked.

Espinoza said that the agent is under medical evaluation and that the legal procedures and the respective complaints have already been carried out.

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