USAID promotes local development in Guatemala as a strategy to curb irregular migration

The United States of America Agency for International Development (USAID) presented this Thursday, December 16, a project with which they seek to involve, strengthen and support local organizations to implement development programs that, in turn, promote the strategy to address the causes of irregular migration, reported official sources.

According to a statement, it is about the project “Local Central America: Guatemala sustainable development through local association”, which is promoted because “locally led development empowers and supports local actors in their work to address their challenges of progress and it is vital for long-term sustainable development ”.

It was reported that “this work will promote sustainable and equitable economic growth, improve governance, combat corruption, protect human rights, improve citizen security and combat sexual and gender-based violence.”

The document adds that these efforts will also promote “the United States Strategy to Address the Root Causes of Migration in Central America and will fulfill USAID’s general vision of engaging and empowering local organizations and communities to lead their own development.”

There will be three pillars that will serve as the basis for the implementation of the project:

Promote local leadership of the Guatemalan Development Agenda to establish and advance the country’s development agenda.

Expand and diversify opportunities for participation with local organizations, innovating, adapting and supporting partnership models to better align with the needs of different organizations and advance shared development objectives.

Strengthening of localization capacity. Work to expand the capacity of USAID and local actors to work as partners in the design, mobilization of resources, implementation, and evaluation of development programs.


With the implementation of this strategy, the United States hopes that the investment they make will have the desired results and that is why local organizations are involved, who will have the responsibility of guaranteeing the proper use of resources.

Michael Camilleri, principal advisor to the administrator of USAID Samantha Power, pointed out that his government “takes very seriously the responsibility they have to manage the US resources” invested in Guatemala.

He added that US investment in Guatemala requires “showing results that development objectives are really being achieved, so financial controls on programs are very strict and (USAID) partners are trained to manage responsibly. funds”.

He also said that this strategy is adequate to show that in Guatemala there is this ability to manage transparency funds.

“It is a cross-cutting initiative that is already in effect. We are going to take a series of measures to implement it, one of which is to ask our Congress for the funds we need to fully carry it out, but it is already working ”, he said.

“In Guatemala, the highland area is a priority given the economic and social conditions and the trends of irregular migration that are linked to the conditions of the people,” he added.

With information from Henrry Montenegro

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