TSE denounces pressure from the UNE for the cancellation process and Sandra Torres warns of “complaints of contempt”

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) denounced this Friday, December 17, pressures by members of the National Unit of Hope (UNE), whose cancellation process for not having a National Executive Committee was announced last Thursday.

“The @TSEGuatemala is being pressured by the National Unity of Hope party to appoint observers for the holding of municipal assemblies, with the express prohibition of the Law and the Constitutional Courts in a recent amparo ruling,” wrote the TSE in your Twitter account.

Óscar Alfonso de Paz Quintana, general director of the TSE Citizen Registry, reported in a document, dated December 15, 2021, that he received an official letter from the Department of Political Organizations of the TSE, by means of which, based on the provisions of Article 31 of the Electoral and Political Parties Law, informs that derived from the verification carried out, it was established that the UNE has not integrated its disintegrated National Executive Committee.

He adds that once he is aware of this content and prior to resolving, a cancellation hearing is held for a period of 30 business days to the UNE party to rule on what is indicated in the aforementioned report.

Rafael Rojas, presiding magistrate of the TSE, confirmed that the Secretary General of the UNE, Sandra Torres, appeared at the headquarters of the Court in the company of several people to carry out “an action” and that because some magistrates had scheduled activities, they did not they were at that time.

“They are people who accompanied the Secretary General who are deputies and who were present today, because in addition to the process that is being initiated in relation to the procedure of running a 30-day hearing for the cancellation due to disintegration of the National Executive Committee, they also They were notified of a suspension due to an insolvency of payment of the fine, which must be recorded and noted and at the time of making the payment there is another procedure to lift the annotation of the insolvency, ”said Rojas.

He added that “it could be said that they are pressures if some particular action is being demanded” and pointed out that as far as he understands, the deputies did not demand anything from the TSE and only “made an appearance to take note of the cancellation of the penalty fee”.

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Rojas added that these actions are “the strategy” of the UNE, “but for us it is a usual, normal procedure, and we respect due process and being the TSE an autonomous institution we will be resolving according to the administrative actions that we must carry out.” .

“I cannot indicate more arguments because I do not know if at some point they can challenge the running of the hearing due to cancellation, because then we have to know the merits of the matter, but there is a due process that establishes the Electoral Law and that we respect and if the parties respect them, there will be the rule of law ”, concluded the magistrate.

Talk about complaints for contempt

Sandra Torres, secretary general of the UNE, said that they will act legally if the sanction they had for not having paid a fine is lifted, since this Friday they settled the debt.

“We come to the Citizen Registry because we are very struck by the fact that on the day of the convocation they impose an economic sanction on us, that we are not against it but against the fund, because we believe that there is bad attention (…) and here we are with several deputies waiting for the registrar to see if he will attend us, “said Torres.

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He added that they are waiting for me to resolve them today “because they have to process our request that we have already canceled and finalized that payment commitment that we had and what proceeds is for the registrar to lift the sanction so that we can hold the assemblies.”

“We believe that there is a bad intention that he -registrator- is not there, that the gentleman of political organizations, the magistrates, is not there on the last day of work, as they have a bad intention that we do not hold our assemblies despite the fact that we are protected by the tenth court, “Torres said.

Torres emphasized that “if the registrar does not resolve today, we are going to file a complaint for contempt, for disobedience, for irresponsibility of duties and all the criminal complaints that there are we will act, because they violate the rights of more than 92 thousand members.”


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