TSE definitively cancels the UCN party and begins the process against Prosperidad Ciudadana

The general direction of the Citizen Registry, of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), notified this Thursday, December 16 on the total and definitive cancellation of the Unión del Cambio Nacional (UCN) party.

The institution also reported on the beginning of the cancellation of the Prosperidad Ciudadana (PC) party.

The announcement comes hours after a similar action by that entity against the National Unit of Hope (UNE) group.

The entity said that, regarding UCN, pending legal remedies were rejected, therefore, the cancellation of this grouping takes effect “immediately”.

In January 2021, the Public Ministry (MP) assured that the UCN used funds to make payments, deposits and transfers to individuals and commercial companies.

The Attorney General’s Office for Electoral Crimes then requested the cancellation of the legal status of the political party, whose main leader Mario Estrada is detained in the United States, because in the 2015 campaign the UCN did not report approximately Q15 million.

In October 2018, the TSE had already announced the beginning of the cancellation process of that party, after the finding was detected during an electoral audit on its financial statements. for Q21 million 817 thousand 791.

The findings reported by the electoral audit refer to expenditures made with publicly financed funds. without supporting documents in 2014 and 2015 for Q2.5 million and financing for expenses of the 2015 elections for Q15 million that were not reported.

Former candidate Mario Estrada made four attempts to be president of the Republic with the UCN party, but his aspirations collided with the indictment of the United States Department of Justice.

In February 2020, the Southern District Court of New York issued a 15-year sentence against former presidential candidate Mario Estrada, linked to negotiations with an alleged group of drug traffickers who would give him financing.

Estrada was captured in April 2019 in Miami, Florida, after offering (if elected president) free way to traffic cocaine to alleged members of the Sinaloa cartel.

Process begins

Regarding Citizen Prosperity, the entity said that it was established that the group it has a disintegrated national executive committee.

For the above, “Cancellation hearing is run for a period of 30 business days” for the PC to rule on the report.

According to the notifications, the resolution has already been notified to the general secretary of that party, Dami Anita Elizabeth Kristensson Sales.

Prosperidad Ciudadana was born in June 2016 and was made official as a party in November 2018.


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