They prevent getting dialysis help for patients

The most elementary and simple logic to understand indicates: a country like Guatemala, with so many deficiencies and also with inflated or unnecessary expenses of funds, must accept and facilitate any donation to provide a necessary service to the population, especially the needy. It is not like that, and that is one of the causes of the national backwardness. Dr. Francisco José Coma, Minister of Health and former Minister of Hospitals, has the opportunity to rid the government of a new barrage of criticism as a result of the delay in authorizing the completion of a mechanical well donated by private initiative, necessary to obtain drinking water and avoid paying 40 thousand quetzals a month to a company to obtain it. The government attitude has changed in recent weeks.

The priest Antonio Grech, from the Apostolic Vicarage of Izabal, sent a video to explain the matter. Some time ago, with the help of Father Mario, both from the Izabal vicarage, and Father Carlos Rodríguez, who works in La Antigua, they formed the musical group Ángeles Guardianes, with the help of the singer Francisco Páez and the dentist Stuardo Mata. The young members managed to collect 200 thousand quetzals and it was decided to collaborate with the Puerto Barrios hospital, in virtual abandonment like almost all those in the country, to allow dialysis, the price of which would be 193 quetzals, instead of 1,200. To carry out this action to help people without resources, several entities of the private initiative joined with enthusiasm.

One of them, Perenco, offered the gray work. Another, Fundación Amor, has also gotten involved. With an additional donation, it was possible to start the construction of a well to provide drinking water and save the amount indicated above. Dr. Coma, when he was Vice Minister of Hospitals, collaborated without problems, but since his appointment the authorization has stopped and many of the objects obtained with the donations are about to be lost. The water service has been provided by the Mitro company, also contracted to provide water to the San Juan de Dios hospital in the capital, without knowing why it was chosen. But that is another issue. To adjust sentences, the ambulance used to take needy patients to the capital for dialysis suffered an accident and was destroyed.

Knowing all these data, it is very possible to see the cause of the delay in pressures related to the Mitro company, a non-Guatemalan entity dedicated to this work in several countries. This conclusion stems from the many examples of similar cases in this government, which no official can dispute or deny. A truth has been said numerous times: corruption is directly related to the death of many people, which is why it is necessary and convenient for the government to study why a decision is delayed only in need of a final signature, after numerous trips and meetings held by priests associated with that work. In Izabal, rejection and indignation are already growing among various social groups in the department.

The hospital has the name Japan-Guatemala, as this Asian country is the source of numerous examples of collaboration. Negotiations can be made through diplomatic channels with Minister Pedro Brolo, in the hope of obtaining a quick result, reduced to the few seconds necessary to obtain the signature of whoever has to do it. Finally, in the video circulating on social networks, Father Grech, with a score or more of exercising his apostolate in Izabal, using a calm and firm voice, looking at the camera, says: “We demand that Dr. Coma put on the hand in conscience and act in favor of the donation, the largest received by this hospital in so many years ”. I join this demand, as surely the Guatemalans surprised by this situation do.

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