Shocking: Subject was about to finish his sentence and escapes from jail to murder his new partner

Infobae reported that the perpetrator was serving a 12-year sentence for another murder, that of a woman with whom he had a romantic relationship.

He had the benefit of Sunday dismissal which he agreed to due to his good behavior in Jail from Puente Alto, where he met Teresita and they began a romantic relationship.

But Vásquez acted again, one day he was released from prison and kidnapped his new partner in the community of La Granja, south of the Chilean capital, from where he moved to the north of that country.

In northern Chile he was found three days later by the police and committed suicide before being captured.

Authorities searched the trunk and found the woman’s body; In addition, they dismissed the official who allowed the murderer to leave the prison.

The murderer worked in the casino of the penal compound for his good behavior, and also had the benefit of Sunday outing.

Infobae added that during these outings he began a relationship with Teresita Ponce. According to relatives of the victim, she always knew that she was in jail, but because of theft, she did not know that it was for homicide.

According to the antecedents, Vásquez had already murdered Vanessa Leal, whom he stabbed repeatedly in February 2012, after having finalized a protection order for the victim due to death threats.

In that year, the crime of femicide was not yet classified in Chile for those who did not live together despite having a relationship, for which he was charged with murder and sentenced to 12 years in prison, of which he had already served nine.

Upon learning this information, Teresita tried to end the relationship, which unleashed the murderer’s anger.

I worked in jail

Vasquez He took advantage of his work in the casino to escape from jail, later he went to Ponce’s house, where he kidnapped her.

A brother of the victim immediately tried to report what happened, but assured that the police made her wait at least 32 hours before starting the search.

“I don’t know if it’s the bureaucracy or police protocol ”, he pointed out, recalling that“ we told them that we had witnesses, that my sister was kidnapped, (and they responded) that we have to wait so many hours ”.

“All those hours my sister suffered, they tortured her. Thank God it has already appeared, but all that is a bureaucracy that is a silly, stupid law: we are telling them that she is kidnapped and they give all those hours, ”he insisted.

Teresita forgot her cell phone in Vásquez’s car, who entered the device in jail and reviewed all its contents.

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The next day and taking advantage of his proximity with the guards, he asked permission to move his vehicle and at that moment he fled, heading to Teresita’s house to kidnap her.

The authorities reported through a press release the immediate dismissal of the official who authorized Vásquez to leave the prison.

For its part, the Investigative Police (PDI) began investigations to find Vásquez’s whereabouts through wiretapping, determining that he was in northern Chile.

Where was it located

The murderer was located in the city of Copiapó, for which he began a chase through several streets of the city that culminated in an accident.

When he was caught, the accused shot himself inside the vehicle to avoid his arrest. In the trunk of the car was Teresita’s body.

The head of the highly complex and organized crime Prosecutor’s Office of the South Prosecutor’s Office, Álex Cortes, pointed out that they will carry out two investigations: one for the kidnapping and homicide, and the other will determine how the escape took place.

“A complaint about the kidnapping was received in the first place at this Prosecutor’s Office, this complaint comes in the early morning hours of December 15 of this year. The kidnapping took place on the morning of the 14th, but it was initially denounced only as an alleged misfortune, “he said.

He added: “Later, the family obtained through information from neighbors and social networks that the victim of this crime had been kidnapped, it is at that moment that the complaint is made.”

According to Cortés, the suspect’s telephone conversations revealed that what he was trying to do was leave Chile and not serve a prison sentence again.

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