Sergio “Kun” Agüero: his retirement, fortune and the promising future in esports

It was a painful farewell for an emblematic player not only for the Argentine National Team, but for Independiente de Argentina, Atlético de Madrid, Manchester City and FC Barcelona, ​​teams with whom he began to make the fortune he has until now.

The 33-year-old man, a Barcelona player, had to retire for the cardiac arrhythmia last October 30 in the middle of a match for his team.

At minute 40 of the meeting with Alavés, the player fell to the ground and grabbed his chest, for which he was removed from the court and taken to hospital.

At first they had denied that he was going to withdraw, but later they confirmed it. Kun had to say goodbye to what he had been passionate about for 18 years.

The question now is what will Agüero do? What will become of him without being in the football field? The first thing is that during his journey he managed to make a fortune that gives him and his family peace of mind. The King, as his mother, Adriana, calls him, has taken care of them and has invested in businesses that until today involve significant revenues.

The specialized magazine Forbes, published in 2018 that Agüero had an accumulated fortune of US$22 millones, and was among the 86 richest athletes on the planet.

Agüero, from the start of his career, was a machine to produce money. The team where he was born, Independiente, sold it for US$25 million to Atlético Madrid in 2006.

According to the site Infobae It was a record figure that even served to build the new stadium. Then, in the Premier League they noticed him and paid for his transfer US$40 millones in 2011.

Until that moment Kun had managed to generate 65 million dollars in his transfers. Round business for him and the teams where he went.

But of course, like any player, when he begins to “get old” the transfer value fell, even when he continued to score important goals. In fact, at Manchester City he became a legend and managed to get paid in the last two seasons $ 15 million.

His last team was FC Barcelona where he was expected to see him play with Lionel Messi, his best friend, but things did not go as expected.

At Barsa he would earn US $ 8 million. His fortune up to this point in his life is estimated at $ 35 million. However, Messi went to PSG and he had to withdraw from the Blaugrana team due to the health problem he suffers.

Still, his future is promising because Kun has set his sights on something he is passionate about, and has shown it on social media: eSports.

Agüero bet on this fast-growing business and everything has turned out very well for him. For the former Argentine striker, this activity is a passion.

He does not hide that he loves video games. In October 2020 he founded his own team. Partnered with Eleven Talent Group, a Manchester City representation company, to put together Slak Esports Europa Sl, from which el Kune owns 80%.

According Forbes, at the moment he made an investment of Half a million dollars with which they incorporated the first players, more than 20 people to put together the structure and logo and even the merchandising.

So, with all this panorama, Sergio Agüero will continue to be linked to sport, but this time from the electronic world with Krü, your own team of sports.

The ‘Kun’ created Krü Esports in June 2020 and the team is already shaping up to be one of the most important on the sports scene. electronic sports.

Krü’s official website explains that the objective of this organization, of which Agüero is CEO, “is to bring its experience in the world of traditional professional sports to the universe of electronic sports and new digital media.”

Now that he has retired from professional football, it is expected that ‘Kun’ will continue to lead the eSports project, in which players and coaches highlight his contribution to professionalize the world of video games.

“The difference between Krü and other teams I have been in is that it was born as a company and not as an undertaking,” Rodrigo ‘Onur’ Dalmagro, coach of Krü Esports, told EFE.

“I feel lucky to be in this team because being created by Kün, a professional player, he knows the things that athletes need. He always gives support saying that we enjoy this, which is the most important thing to enjoy ”, added the Chilean Juan Pablo ‘Nagzet’ López, a player of the team, according to the newspaper ‘El Uncover’.

With information from El Tiempo and Infobae

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