Quality time with your children

It is common for parents to start looking for activities to entertain their children at the beginning of the school holidays, this is better than spending the whole day in front of the computer or television. But remember, it is important to spend time with them to strengthen the bonds and at the same time know what they think, what they feel, their needs and their dreams, among other things.

I give you some recommendations on how to get organized:

  • When you have several children, it is good that both parents reach an agreement so that each one has their father / mother / child time, in addition to family time. Talk to your partner about how you will organize to hang out with the children, however, do not force him to do something he does not want to do.
  • Review your schedule well, so that you have at least one hour a day to play or talk with each of your children. With teenagers things are more complicated; so it is good that they choose the activity they want to do with their parents, always remembering that, although they decide, you are the tutor, so you are in control.
  • During parent-child time, turn off cell phones and avoid distractions. Do not forget that this moment is to be in mind and body with your children, they are your priority.
  • Let them express themselves and, if they do not want to speak, respect their silence, do not be intrusive or subject them to questioning. Just enjoy each other’s company. With patience, you will gain your child’s trust and begin to have interesting conversations with them.

Remember that kids grow up fast and when they least expect it they are adults who no longer have any interest in having fun with their parents.

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* Professor of the Department of Psychology at the Rafael Landívar University.


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