“Protection against omicron will be higher than 83%”: Developer Sputnik says that his vaccine is highly effective against this variant of covid-19

“Vaccination with Sputnik V and revaccination within six months with Sputnik Light currently offer good protection against the omicron variant,” said the director of the Gamaleya Center, Alexandr Ginzburg, at a telematic press conference.

He specified that by following this scheme, the protection against the omicron will be higher than 83%.

According to a study cited by the FIDR, the efficacy of the Russian omicron vaccine has dropped compared to other variants of the coronavirus, but remains “between 4 and 7 times higher” than that offered by its foreign analogues.

The sovereign fund emphasizes that the investigation was carried out with blood samples from people immunized with Sputnik six months ago, while the studies of pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer and Moderna did the same with those vaccinated less than a month ago.

“This corroborates the lasting protection that Sputnik V offers,” stressed the FIDR, in charge of distributing the Russian vaccine around the world.

Until now, Sputnik V has been approved for use in more than 70 countries, and 21 states also gave their go-ahead to Sputnik Light.

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The creators of the Russian vaccine pointed out this Friday, December 17, that at the moment there is no need to develop a new drug for the omicron variant.

“We are going to follow the strategy we have now,” said Ginzburg, adding however that updating vaccines for new strains of disease is a routine task for researchers.

For its part, the FIDR once again advocated combinations of different vaccines, which can increase the number of antibodies against the coronavirus.

“Sputnik Light can increase and strengthen the immune response. That is why we are going to work with other countries to supply them with the vaccine and fight together against omicron and delta ”, said the director of the sovereign wealth fund, Kiril Dmitriev.

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The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, pointed out this Friday, December 17, to the need to promote the revaccination campaign due to the spread of the omicron in the world.

Putin himself reported on November 21 that he had been revaccinated with Sputnik Light and also participated in the trials of a nasal vaccine against covid-19 that Russian scientists are developing.

Russia has so far confirmed 25 cases of the omicron variant while acknowledging that the increase in infections is inevitable due, in part, to the upcoming holidays.


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