Pope Francis turns 85 and becomes one of the ten longest-lived pontiffs in history (the colon operation and the recent memory of the church)

Day without festivities and with an agenda full of meetings that also includes the reception of the first 12 refugees who wanted to bring to Rome from Cyprus. This is how Pope Francis will celebrate his 85th birthday, fully recovered from his colon operation last July.

Born in Buenos Aires on December 17, 1936, Jorge Mario Bergoglio has become one of the ten oldest popes in history modern Catholic Church, as published this Friday 17 by some specialists.

In this classification that takes into account only the recent history of the Church, the oldest pope was Leo XII who died on July 20, 1903 at the age of 93, while Benedict XVI resigned on February 28, 2013 when he was 85 years old. and ten months.

Francisco has recovered perfectly from his colon surgery on July 4, for which he was admitted for 10 days and spent some time recovering in the Vatican.

They were moments, as he himself revealed in an interview with the station Cope, in which “a conclave breeze or storm blew”, but who silenced his appearances in good shape and his statements that he has never thought of resigning.

After the operation, he has already made two international apostolic trips: one to Budapest and Slovakia in September and the last one in early December to Cyprus and Greece, and he also traveled to Assisi (central Italy) for the World Day of the Poor.

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Now they are studying trips to Canada, Lebanon or even Congo and Oceania, which will depend above all on the epidemiological situation, rather than on their forces.

At 85 we see a potato full of energy. We have seen how he deals with travel and I have realized the energy that he puts, even at this moment, thanks to his missionary attention that resides in that vision of the Church, especially in recent times, very open to the world, capable of listen to the questions that arise from reality and, therefore, to play a role in the service of all humanity. An activity to deny any hypothesis of resignation, explained Father Antonio Spadaro, director of the magazine of the Society of Jesus, “Civilta Católica”.

There are many personalities and faithful who have congratulated the pope sending him letters or through social networks, and Italian televisions have decided to carry out specials to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the pontiff.

However, in the Vatican reigns the tranquility of a normal day, since what is usually celebrated is the onomastics of the popes.

In addition: The Pope advocates a universal salary, the reduction of the working day and the liberation of patents on vaccines

For this day, Francis wanted to have some special guests in the Vatican: The first twelve refugees of the fifty who announced, on the occasion of his trip to Cyprus, that he would bring to Rome as a symbolic gesture for the reception, covering the expenses and commissioning his maintenance to the Sant’Egidio organization.

These twelve migrants, from countries such as Cameroon, Syria or the Democratic Republic of the Congo, arrived in Rome this Wednesday, as confirmed by the Cypriot Interior Ministry on its social networks, thanking the pope for his “symbolic action.”


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