PNC agents are injured in a confusing armed incident in Nahualá

According to the version of residents, this Friday, December 17, several residents of communities of Ixtahuacán, Sololá, asked for support from agents of the National Civil Police (PNC) to go tapiscar, but when they were going to their destination they were attacked with bullets.

According to preliminary information, as a result of this attack, several people were injured and four PNC agents died.

There would also be dead residents and some of their whereabouts are unknown, according to unofficial data.

In addition, some agents are being held in the area where the incident took place.

While the PNC reported through a statement that two agents were injured in a sector of Nahualá, Sololá.

The institution deployed criminal investigation teams to find those responsible for wounding two soldiers who were providing their services and were attacked by unknown persons.

It states that the policemen participated in procedures inherent to their legal functions in the Pachutiquim and Sanjuyub villages, Nahualá.

The uniformed Bayron Vitalino Xitamul Xitumul and Valeriano García Martínez stated that they were attacked with bullets by unknown persons when they were supporting proceedings in the place.

Agent Xitamul was transferred to a hospital in Quetzaltenango, while Agent García Martínez was transferred to the National Hospital of Suchitepéquez, who suffered a head wound from splinters from a firearm projectile.

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“Only dialogue and agreement between those who reside in a certain sector can achieve peace, development and individual and collective aspirations; attacking those who seek to maintain order and healthy coexistence is not the way, “said the PNC in the statement.

If you have information that facilitates the identification of those responsible for these events, you can report the number 1561, according to the PNC.

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