Oribe Peralta to Antigua GFC? This is what the Mexican media says as the colonialists seek to advance to the semifinals and get the fifth title

Oribe Peralta is a very loved and respected player in Mexico. He has been a scorer for América, Chivas and the Mexican national team.

Now he is without equipment. Since his departure from Chivas, he has not found a team, according to Aztec media and in Guatemala, like many other Mexicans, a possibility has opened up for him to continue in action and avoid retirement.

The forward is 37 years old, and although the Chivas offered him a managerial position, he did not want to accept it. He assured that he wants to continue playing football, despite everything.

Right now he’s in Europe, in England, to be specific, and he’s on vacation there. He remembers in that place that he won the gold medal in the 2012 Olympic Games at the hands of Luis Fernando Tena, the newly hired coach of the Guatemala National Team.

On his Instagram account, he has published various messages, some a bit enigmatic as that in the future he will have new possibilities, announced a brand of glasses.

The last thing that happened in this entire novel is that the Mexican media Soccer MX published a video where they report that Carlos “el Gullit” Peña would be advocating for him to arrive at Antigua GFC.

Regardless of earning US $ 6 thousand, and being in a football, supposedly, not according to his record, the video explains that Oribe Peralta could be close to the Antigua GFC team, directed by Mexican Roberto Montoya, and that he is two steps away from reach the final of the Apertura 2021 tournament and try to reach his fifth crown in history.

The Mexican strategist assures that he does not know about the publication made by the media of his country, and assures that for now he does not think of anything else than to finish the series against Sololá this Saturday, December 18, to advance to the semifinals.


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