Octavio Ocaña: This is what is known about the heartbreaking message that Nerea Godínez sent to the actor’s mother

Octavio Ocaña’s family continues to mourn after the tragic death of the Mexican actor on October 29.

Ocaña, who represented “Benito”, in the series Neighbors, died in a confusing incident with the Cuautitlán Izcalli police after a chase that ended with several shots.

To date, the investigations into this event are ongoing due to the fact that the official report from the authorities presented several inconsistencies.

On Monday, December 13, in the midst of pain, Ana Lucía, Octavio Ocaña’s mother, celebrated her 51st birthday and decided to remember her son by tattooing his name. Nerea Godínez, the actor’s girlfriend, spoke on social networks and dedicated a heartbreaking message to Octavio Ocaña’s mother.

“My beautiful queen, I do not have enough words to describe what I feel in these moments and I know better than you. I can only tell you that I am grateful to meet in this life to be able to give us so much love and affection, “wrote Nerea Godínez.

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“I know that of all the special dates this is the worst for you, but as I have told you, I will not let go of it for a second and I am going to celebrate and pamper you as our Child would have done, I love you with all my being” Nerea added.

The actor’s girlfriend closed her text with a special dedication for the actor’s mother. “I especially love that photo of you and we both know the reason, I love her, adore her and admire her, she knows that EVERYTHING together will always be better, thank you for loving me and accepting me from day 1 that she met me, I owe her the life because he gave me the most important being for you and he let me take care of him, guide him and love him and despite everything that has happened he has allowed me to continue feeling love for our Child and has even made me understand what I am worth. Ana. I admire her, respect her and adore her. Happy birthday my beautiful queen ”, Nerea added and accompanied the text with some never seen photos, including an image of Ana Lucía receiving a hug from Octavio Ocaña.


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