María Eugenia Gordillo and her legacy in the Newspaper Library

The journalist María Eugenia Gordillo has left the direction of the National Newspaper Library after more than 21 years and 6 months of service. She deserves all possible recognition for her absolute dedication to that institution, the excellence in her work and the honesty and transparency with which she always performed. She is one of the few civil servants who can leave her post with her head held high, setting a precedent that when working with ethical principles, anything is possible.

Without a doubt, it leaves a great void that will be difficult to fill because, with an impeccable trajectory and his great experience in this field, he made this documentary heritage center a pleasant and friendly place, especially for the new generations, establishing a program of recognition of the national journalism. Forever leaving your mark and your personal touch in our legendary Newspaper Library.

María Eugenia has done tireless cultural work in that institution, a task little known by the general public, but of enormous historical importance, whose purpose has been to preserve documents that keep more than 200 years of the history of Guatemala, which can only be found in the Hemeroteca. Thanks to his enthusiasm and tenacity, he managed to strengthen friendship and cooperation between Guatemala and other countries such as Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Austria, Germany and Italy, for the benefit of this important venue.

Since he took over the management of the Newspaper Library, he took on the task of improving the facilities, taking great care, above all, in the preservation and ordering of the documents. His dedication and passion to the institution is perceptible to the naked eye when entering the facilities. Thanks to the dedication and work of María Eugenia, Guatemala has a newspaper library considered the best in Central America. Part of her enthusiasm led her to negotiate before the different governments of the day that funds from the national budget were allocated to the institution. It should also be recognized that one of the great support he received in his management was from the Friends of the Newspaper Library Association, which sometimes paid workers’ salaries and also made improvements to the physical structure of the emblematic place.

Last August, this extraordinary 84-year-old woman received the Order of the Quetzal in the rank of Officer, in recognition of her tireless work to collect and save the history of national written journalism. Throughout her career she received many national and international awards and recognitions, but the most beautiful thing I have heard is that someone called her the “sentinel of journalism”.

Pioneer and innovator in everything she undertakes. She was the first female sports writer in Guatemala, working for Prensa Libre, and the first lady to work for the well-remembered newspaper El Imparcial. Ironically, he said goodbye to his beloved job on November 30, journalist’s day.

María Eugenia has retired, her time has come to take a little time for herself, but always the memory of her leadership, creativity and enthusiasm will illuminate the silent rooms and will perfume the entire environment of the Lic National Newspaper Library with that aroma of old books. Clemente Marroquín Rojas, because she represents for many that we have the honor of knowing her and having her friendship “the duty to be”.

Let’s hope that the remuneration for her hard work of so many years will reach her hands soon, so that she can have peace of mind in her well-deserved retirement, considering that she is an independent lady who hopes to pay her expenses by herself, as she has always done.

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