Legault makes a Justin Trudeau of himself, denounces the MNQ

After promising not to follow in Justin Trudeau’s footsteps, Prime Minister François Legault is imitating his federal counterpart and definitively renouncing his promise to reform the voting system, the New Democracy Movement (MDN) denounced on Friday.

The president of MDM Jean-Pierre Charbonneau affirms that he was informed on Friday afternoon by the cabinet of Mr. Legault.

“It’s scandalous,” thundered Mr. Charbonneau in an interview with the Duty. It is really betraying his word, betraying his signature, betraying everything he said and doing the opposite of what he had promised, at the cost of encouraging the cynicism of the citizens. “

Filed in 2019, Bill 39 aimed to introduce a new mixed voting system with regional compensation, replacing the first past the post at the present time.

In 2018, Mr. Legault personally joined a coalition made up of the Parti Quebecois, Quebec solidaire and the Green Party of Quebec in favor of this reform. He made this public commitment after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau himself reneged on his own promise to reform the voting system once in office.

“We will not do like Justin Trudeau”, assured Mr. Legault at a press conference.

Mr. Charbonneau was indignant that Mr. Legault renounced his promise after denouncing Mr. Trudeau in this way.

“Legault decided that he too was making a Justin Trudeau of himself,” he denounced.

According to Mr. Charbonneau, Mr. Legault’s office informed him that the CAQ does not intend to keep this proposal on its electoral platform. This means that after having wanted to reform the voting system, Mr. Legault will now defend the status quo.

“The Prime Minister could have had the courage to call me, I am one of his former colleagues and we have been fighting for this for years,” said Mr. Charbonneau, a former PQ MP.

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