“He was scared to death”: Vicente Fernández’s confessions of not being able to walk at a farewell concert

The exclusive statements were given to the renowned journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, ex-wife of his son Vicente Jr. The extensive conversation took place at the ranch The Three Foals of the Mexican idol.

In the last years of the singer’s life, especially after suffering from cancer, his health deteriorated rapidly. It was on April 16, 2016 when the Huentitán charro gave his last concert in the glorious Azteca stadium, where thousands of people were present to witness his last presentation. The king of ranchera music said goodbye to his fans in Mexico City.

During the interview with Castañeda, the singer opened his heart and was sincere, among other things about his health “ailments”. In one of the episodes of the conversation, the charro says that during the last concerts of his farewell tour he felt fear for his health.

“… Well look, when I said goodbye, I was scared to death in the hotel, I said I’m not going to be able to walk, but when I heard the applause, the adrenaline made me … I didn’t even notice it, I even ran on stage, where I couldn’t I didn’t even walk two steps because I was leaving ”.

Among other details, he also confessed how being overweight, due to staying in bed for a long time, affected his mood but it helped him to walk a kilometer and a half every day. In the recording, a Vicente Fernández is observed with 20 kilos less and relaxed in the interview with his ex-wife.

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VIDEO: At minute 6.30, Chente confesses to having felt fear for his health in the last concerts he gave to say goodbye to his audience.


The last concert that Vicente Fernández, who died on December 12, gave in the Aztec State was on April 16, 2016.

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The artist presented his show An Aztec in the Azteca, which included around 60 songs and for what is considered the longest in his professional career (the presentation lasted four hours and lasted at dawn on the 17th).

During his last presentations his health was deteriorating but he maintained that the adrenaline of his audience motivated him to continue.


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