Elimination is not enough, recycling must be stopped

It is of little or no use for the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to rule and execute the suppression of political parties as the maximum sanction for serious electoral crimes, if around the corner there are already more than 20 empty shells that could be the new suit of old figures and even reported illegal acts committed in the eliminated organizations: it is like taking a vehicle involved in serious accidents out of circulation but letting the same driver continue to drive another, new one. The responsibility from which the measure to erase a political organization originates also entails the disqualification, temporary or total, of those who led it at the time of the offenses committed.

After multiple, notorious and unofficial delays, the Citizen Registry, a dependency of the Supreme Electoral Court, yesterday ruled the definitive elimination of the National Change Union (UCN) party, for electoral crimes consisting of unreported financial contributions. However, that process had already been announced in December 2019 by the previous authorities of that instance. It took two years to confirm the obvious about the group founded by Mario Estrada, a prisoner in the US, confessed to drug trafficking and who that 2019 was again competing as president. Then, in 2020 and 2021, UCN has been a key ally of the ruling party, which did not pout at the ongoing process.

The start of the cancellation process for the National Unity of Hope and Citizen Prosperity parties was also made official yesterday. Given the antecedents, it will be necessary to sit and wait until where the laxity of the TSE reaches to extend the status of voter zombies.

Unfortunately, the conceptual misery of the political groups, the twentieth-century caudillismos and the permissiveness of the Electoral Law make it possible for tacitly defenestrated leaders to move or even buy another party, change their color, put another symbol on their foreheads and promote themselves. as renewed options and even as false victims of intolerance, with which it turns out that the TSE is doing them a great favor by erasing the shadow of their previous proselytizing vehicle.

The purification of the Guatemalan political system, through the strict application of the law, is the most important mission of the current Supreme Electoral Tribunal. This goes beyond putting together the 2023 elections, something for which you don’t have to invent sugar water. But you do need to expel the Pharisees from the temple, punish parties that provide inaccurate, incomplete, or even false reports of their income, expenses, donors, and affiliates. If fraudulent, fraudulent and legalistic deliveries of data stipulated in the law are still tolerated, the TSE authorities will be equivalent to accessory accomplices.

There is a figure that reveals the level of immaturity, fragmentation and political anomie in the country. As of October 30, there were at least 37 groups seeking to become political parties. Some of the leaders are former officials, former deputies or leaders expelled from other parties. It is possible that there are also groups of citizens convinced of the need for transformation, with clean ideals and cadres, but this only doubles the need for the TSE to be demanding and set aside any pact, nexus or affiliation it may have had with those who elected its members in 2020.


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