An excerpt from “Bye bye” 2021?

Reading the interview with journalist Catherine Lalonde (The duty, Thursday December 9, 2021) with the CEO of BAnQ, Marie Grégoire, I wondered if I was not reading, by mistake, an excerpt from the next one Bye bye 2021. Who can not chuckle (or maybe even cry!) When reading that “digital transformation, now we will try to phrasing it through the “BAnQ experience” ”; that “employees are going to have a high happiness index doing what they have to do”; that she wants “to find [son] azimuth in this digital society ”; that employees will learn “to write differently” and that they will be “trained to mediate on the Web”.

All this teaches us, of course, nothing about what really happens at BAnQ, but a lot about the emptiness embodied in sentences without content, even when it comes to talking about money, because there, the CEO insists : “In the way of quantifying things, you have to be able to have done a certain amount of work, to know how much more you are going to ask for and how much efficiency gain you will also see. “Indeed, you have to do a” certain job “even when you speak to say nothing. We understand that faced with the immensity of the task of managing BAnQ, the headlong rush is to concentrate hard to give “a little touch to the bag given during a toddler’s library subscription” by making sure “To add a BAnQ aspect to this initiative”.

I doubt that the “happiness index” of BAnQ facility users and employees is high to read such nonsense …

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