A lacerating reality

The death of 55 migrants, the majority Guatemalans, is a tragedy that mourns our country and shows in its maximum expression the terrible reality of compatriots who, in order to flee from poverty and violence, travel in the most deplorable conditions. The American dream turns into a nightmare when migrants die in subhuman situations, as happened last week, when a trailer carrying 150 people crammed into an accident in Chiapas. It will not be the three days of mourning that President Alejandro Giammattei decreed that will resolve the serious situation that exists in the rural area, where everything is lacking. Successive governments, instead of reducing the causes that originate migration, have increased them, due to the absence of public policies. How to survive in regions, mainly indigenous, where there are no jobs, health, education, housing and the roads are in pieces?

It is important to go after the coyotes, who are behind the inhumane trafficking of people to the United States. These criminals, who are responsible for the economic ruin of thousands of families, must be punished with the full weight of the law, who not only lose what little they have, but also go through an ordeal to recover the corpses of their loved ones who they have died on the journey to the North. But, in addition, it is essential to fight corruption, which is a cancer that corrodes the few resources of the State allocated to public investment. President Giammattei fills his mouth when he says that this year we will have growth of 7.5 percent, but that does not translate into better living conditions for communities living in poverty. Instead of well-being, what has widened is the gulf between the impoverished and the wealthy. That is the lacerating reality that will continue to cause the exodus of thousands of Guatemalans.

The capture of three soldiers as alleged collaborators of a Mexican drug trafficking cartel once again puts on the table the role that members of the Army have with organized crime. It is not the first time that military personnel have been known to use State structures to favor the interests of drug traffickers. On this occasion, Carlos Enrique Durán Cáceres, a major in Aviation; Ángel Eliberto Vargas Urízar, Second Captain of War Material, and Wálter Vinicio Contreras, Infantry Lieutenant. It is known that they worked for the Jalisco Nueva Generación cartel, in the air command of the Air Force, a base in Petén and another in Retalhuleu. From these captures it is understood the reason why the anti-narcotics operations fail or that when the security forces arrive, the planes are empty or burned.

On November 25, President Giammattei presented the first drone in Central America to strengthen national security and defense. In several photos of the official activity, published on Facebook, the president appeared with Durán Cáceres, who on December 14 was captured for his links with drug trafficking. How can national security and defense be strengthened if they are in the hands of organized crime? According to the investigations of the Public Ministry (MP), the detainees had control over clandestine landing strips, as well as manipulating the information towards the security forces. The question remains as to whether only these three soldiers were involved or they are the weakest part of the structure and the MP has not reached, or does not want to reach, the real heads of the criminals, a practice that has already become constant in the administration of Consuelo Porras.


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