21 Days of Happiness: School Supplies for Students (Day 14)

The Anleu Celis family came together to fulfill the wish of the two students and give them school supplies for the 2022 school year.

Despite the fact that these adolescents are studying at a distance, they need to use some school supplies and that is why this family decided to buy them some basic things.

Silvia Rompiche is the mother of the young beneficiaries, she considers that the gift is a blessing from God, since this will help her to continue studying. She explains that her two children are dedicated and thanks the Anleu family for the donation, urges other people to help those who need it.

Luis and Norman Rompiche happily uncover their bags with supplies as they fulfill their dream in 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo.

Luis Rompiche is 16 years old, he is going to attend the third grade, he is dedicated in his studies and in the tasks he has at home. Luis likes to study a lot, his favorite subjects are Mathematics and Communication and Language, in addition, he is excited because he is about to graduate from basic school or he also practices soccer.

“I hope that God will pour out many blessings on the family that donated the school supplies to us,” he said.

While Norman is 13 years old and is about to enter second grade. He is very studious and collaborative with his family. “I thank this family for the supplies they gave me.” At the same time, he explained that during the distance education stage he has felt uncomfortable and that he hopes that he will soon be able to go to study at his school and share with his classmates.

He also sent a message to his friends: “Keep studying and really want to”

Both young people help their parents at work, especially their mother who sells newspapers, their father works at the La Aurora Zoo. And they have two brothers: an 11-year-old girl and the youngest is 9 years old.

At home they have a sick relative, so it is also part of their good actions to help their mother with the necessary care.

Among the items Luis and Norman received are sheets, notebooks, eraser, pens, markers, among others.

Dream fulfilled

Mariana Anleu and Jorge Anleu, explained that for them it is a source of great joy and satisfaction to be able to provide these tools, since helping others is one of the actions that leaves the most satisfaction in the hearts of human beings.

Mariana Anleu gives a donation of supplies to Luis Rompiche and thus fulfills one of the wishes in 21 Days of Happiness. Free Press Photo.

The donor family is made up of Mrs. Karen Celis and her youngest daughter, Renata Anleu. “We brought them two bags of school supplies so they can fulfill their dreams and surpass themselves,” explained Jorge Anleu.

“We are quite happy to be able to support this great cause, it is quite satisfactory to be able to see their smile when they give them the supplies and we know the effort they make every day to study,” added Mariana and commented that it is important that we all can help to someone who needs it, be it children, women or older adults.

Likewise, he recalled that it is not necessary to have a lot of money to collaborate with someone, sometimes, it only takes a gesture or a smile.


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