Videos: Some of the shocking motorcyclist accidents that have been recorded in Guatemala

As of 2021 in Guatemala, motorcycle accidents have been registered and some have been recorded by surveillance cameras.

Some of the videos shared on social networks show how shocking some mishaps that have claimed the lives of motorcyclists have been.

In the images it is observed how in some cases speeding and other recklessness originate these tragedies.

According to data from the Traffic Department of the National Civil Police, from January to October 2021, 4,444 motorcycle accidents were registered in the national territory.

In these mishaps 883 people lost their lives and 3,851 suffered injuries.

The authorities added that in the same period of 2020 there were 3 thousand 475 accidents in this type of vehicle with the result of 576 deaths and 3 thousand 36 injuries.

Accident in San Marcos

On September 28, Volunteer Firefighters reported an accident at kilometer 252 of the road between Tecún Umán and Malacatán, San Marcos.

According to a video shared on the networks, a motorist tried to pass a bus and did not notice that another vehicle was coming in the opposite lane, which caused the accident.

In zone 12 of the capital

On October 14, a video shared on social networks showed a strong collision of a motorcyclist against a sign in zone 12 of the capital.

The motorist was driving and trying to avoid a vehicle caused the accident.

Accident in Escuintla

On November 30, an accident took place at the entrance to the Balcones neighborhood, Palín, Escuintla, and fortunately, the driver of the accident motorcycle only suffered minor injuries.

The images of the accident were captured by a security camera at the entrance to the residential complex.

In the images captured by the camera you can see how the motorist, who is traveling at high speed, crashes into the back of a car that is in front of him.

Mishap in Quetzaltenango

On November 17, a traffic accident between a motorist and a car occurred near the Arc de Triomphe monument, at the entrance to Quetzaltenango.

The Volunteer Firefighters of this town arrived at the scene, but could not help the motorist, who had lost his life after the impact with the car.

A chamber of commerce nearby where the crash occurred recorded the moment the motorist crashed.

Shocking accident in zone 5

A motorcyclist lost control and hit a pole on Diagonal 14 and 16 street in zone 5 on Boulevard de la Asunción sur.

The accident was recorded and the images show the strong impact suffered by the victim.

The person died at the scene due to the severity of the blow he suffered.

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