Video: This was the brutal accident in which a motorist died in zone 5 of the capital

A motorcyclist lost control and hit a pole on Diagonal 14 and 16 street in zone 5 on Boulevard de la Asunción sur.

The accident was recorded and the images show the strong impact suffered by the victim.

The person died at the scene due to the severity of the blow he suffered.

The Municipal Firefighters reported that the victim, in his 50s, has not been identified.

Authorities safeguard the area for legal proceedings.

The Traffic Department shared the comparison in traffic accidents from January to October 2020 and 2021.

In 2020, 5 thousand 68 accidents were reported, with the result of 1 thousand 163 deaths and 5 thousand 297 injuries.

While in the same period in 2021, the data show 6 thousand 536 traffic accidents, 1 thousand 749 deaths and 6 thousand 777 injuries.

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