Vicente Fernández: Lyn May assures that he had an affair with “El Charro de Huentitán” (the kisses and the fight for the star of Mexican cinema)

While the family of the recently deceased Mexican idol, Vicente Fernández, is in mourning, several celebrities have begun to reveal to the pink press their alleged romances with the singer, who in life was known for “a joyful eye” with women.

One of the last famous to reveal details is Lyn May, the Mexican star of Chinese descent who assures that she had an affair with the Mexican charro and that, on one occasion, they were kissing when her husband discovered them and this caused Vicente and his partner went to blows.

The dancer said she felt “sad” about Chente’s death, sent condolences to her relatives and said that she will carry in her memory the supposed romance they had.

“Many memories and many intimate and private things that I do not want to say at this moment. I send a hug to his family, I am very sorry because he is our most important Mexican charro in the world ”.

However, upon hearing the questions from the program reporter First hand About her bond with Chente, the star said: “We had a relationship, but, I tell you, out of respect I can’t say anything, I think we all knew that it was a joyful eye, and that we had relationships with some colleagues too, not just me. … And working together, well imagine! ”, In a note published on

The star is famous for her controversial statements to the Mexican press. (Instagram photo: @lyn_may_).

Was married

The vedette gave an interview to the program First hand and declared that he would have maintained a very close friendship with Chente when they worked together at the Blanquita Theater. At that time he assured that he always used to hug her affectionately, but only as a “friend”.

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Now, in addition to confirming that he would have maintained something more than a friendship, he assured that the interpreter came to fight strongly with the then-husband of the dancer, as he would have found them in a compromising situation.

I was married and he hugged me, as he did not realize that my husband was coming behind me, the fight between them was very strong (…) beating for me, ”said Lyn May.

As the star recalled, she and Chente They were kissing in the theater while her husband approached them, at which point the singer also realized what was about to happen and beat him against him. They were fighting for a long time until my brother broke them up, ”Lyn said.

VIDEO: The renowned Mexican starlet reveals details of her alleged romance with Chente

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