They offered places in the IGSS in exchange for money: They capture 4 people posing as employees of that institution

The Public Ministry (MP) reported this Thursday, December 16, that 4 people were captured during six operations carried out by the Prosecutor’s Office against Corruption and the PNC in Escuintla, in which a criminal structure dedicated to defrauding candidates for positions in the Guatemalan Social Security Institute (IGSS).

Those captured were identified as:

  1. Magnolia González
  2. Carmelita del Rosario Morales Reyes
  3. Ana Luisa Godínez Melgar
  4. Cesar Augusto Delgado Medina

The four people were arrested for the crimes of illicit association, fraud and money laundering.

The case

According to the MP, the investigation was derived from a complaint filed by the IGSS in which it established that private persons, applicants and personnel who work in different departmental offices had been contacted by people posing as Human Resources personnel from the central headquarters of the IGSS.

In these calls, places were offered under budget line 011 in exchange for making bank deposits equivalent to the amount offered as nominal salary, but the payment had to be made in advance.

The people who made the money deposits were never contacted.

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