“They are chemical weapons”: pastor asks his followers not to get vaccinated against covid-19 by “order of the Holy Spirit”

The message of an evangelical pastor in Peru who asks his parishioners not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus by divine command goes viral.

According to local media, John Aguayo, pastor of the El Buen Pastor church, told the residents not to get the vaccine because that was a direct request from “the Holy Spirit.”

“The Holy Spirit gave me the word. Tell my church, please don’t get vaccinated, ”he said in a message. which was recorded on video and quoted by the site Wapa.pe.

As he goes on to explain, the Holy Spirit revealed to him that vaccines are “chemical weapons” that are being placed in people’s blood.

The church is located in the district of Carabayllo, Lima, Peru.

And what will happen to his followers who have already been vaccinated?

For the pastor promised to ask him, in direct conversation with the Holy Spirit himself, “To cleanse them” of that evil.

But Aguayo is not the only one who has asked his followers not to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. In several countries, including Guatemala, religious leaders have done it with the parishioners, which has contributed, in part, that entire villages reject the drugs.


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