The propane gas subsidy turns 15 days, amid the resistance of buyers to provide their IPR number

On December 1, Decree 15-2021 “Temporary Social Support Law for Propane Gas Consumers” came into force, so prices to the final consumer must be as follows: for the 10-pound cylinder Q49; 20 pounds, Q98; 25 pounds, Q122; and 35 pounds, Q171.

During a tour carried out by Prensa Libre, Christian González, a fuel retailer, confirmed that the inventory has arrived with prices already applying the subsidy from the packers, although sometimes it costs to invoice because there is no system in the Tax Administration Superintendency ( SAT) to issue the Online Electronic Invoice (FEL).

But when it does work, only the Tax Identification Number or the Personal Identification Document (DPI) is added and the person’s data appears, he says.

Marvin Samayoa, in charge of another business in the capital, said that he has not had problems, although some people are suspicious of providing their information for the invoice; but it is explained to them that it is necessary to apply the discount and they agree.

The salesperson Idalma Fernández agreed with the above, and argued that many people, especially housewives, do not have NITs and are the ones who regularly order gas. In another outlet, José commented that the process has been easy and like the rest of the interviewees, many buyers said, initially they ask if they are going to get the discount.

For its part, the Directorate of Attention and Assistance to the Consumer (Diaco) reported that it has not received complaints and only found citizen complaints in social networks about various outlets that do not want to give the subsidy in some area of ​​the capital (such as area 18 ) or in the province (as in Chimaltenango). “But they have not been able to verify why people do not give the exact location of the outlets,” explained the entity’s spokesman Carlos Vásquez.

Informal distributors

Luis Ayala, vice minister in charge of the mining and hydrocarbons area in the Ministry of Energy and Mines (MEM) commented that they received information from outlets, mainly in the province, regarding the resistance of people to provide their data, despite the fact that these They are required to be able to extend the invoice and that the packer can apply the subsidy to the sale and this, in turn, to the final consumer.

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In addition, propane sales without a MEM license have been located, to which the official indicated that many businesses have NITs to bill and have obtained the license to operate in a specific location. But then they move, because of competition or because they are being extorted.

The vice minister added that Diaco informed them that on the third day of applying the benefit, the inventory prior to December 1 had already been depleted. The government subsidy has an amount of Q150 million, which will be distributed from December 2021 to February 2022.

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