The Portal de la Sexta is inaugurated and the Birth of Guatemala City welcomes visitors

A Birth to Scale is the first expression of expression within the exhibition rooms of El Portal de la Sexta, a space for meeting, dialogue and knowledge for all citizens, where there will be the possibility of exposing cultural, artistic and cultural themes. educational.

The Municipality of Guatemala enabled the use of the residents this Wednesday, December 15, the new Portal de la Sexta, located in the Centennial Park, in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral.

The Nativity of Guatemala City is made up of a Mystery (Saint Joseph, the Virgin Mary, and the Child Jesus), it is also accompanied by the three Wise Men, a shepherd, two sheep, an ox and a mule.

The scenography consists of a series of elements that reflect the context in which the scene of the birth of Jesus took place; Abandoned ruins of the city of Bethlehem, columns representing the Roman Empire and a number of natural plants that are traditionally used in births, such as moss, ferns, arecas, chamomile and hay.

The images are made of fiberglass, the clothes are made of cloth and were hardened with resin to later apply paint and other details. The scenography is made with carved duroport, wood and sponge and the details were made with powder paint and water paint.

Currently, births are an important part of many of the families that live in Guatemala City, being an important tradition during the end of the year.

Details of the work

According to a statement from the Municipality of Guatemala, “the Portal de la Sexta is considered a contemporary work for Guatemalan families” and its purpose is “to reactivate and rescue the Historic Center of Guatemala City, promoting culture, art and the education”.

He adds that “it has three pavilions, one of them shows a replica of the Act of Independence, the central one will be dedicated to artistic exhibitions and cultural exhibitions, and the third will be the security monitoring center.

In addition, “on the second level there is a 200-year-old viewpoint to appreciate the architectural complex.”

The document adds that the work occupies the original space of the Royal Palace that was damaged in the earthquakes of 1917-1918 and was demolished.

“It is a contemporary remembrance of the portal that existed in that place two hundred years ago, and the result of the sum of efforts of the Municipality of Guatemala, Guatemalan companies committed to the development of the city, Rotary Club, embassies, among others,” he says.

Mayor Ricardo Quiñónez this afternoon will contemplate the passage of the Christmas Bells Christmas Float Parade, in the Portal de la Sexta with the neighbors.

“Today we have this birth so that all the residents of the city can come and we can share these traditions, these roots that unite us,” said Mayor Quiñónez.

The mayor pointed out that security measures have been taken into account to guarantee that citizens’ stay in the area is safe; In addition, he said that he is coordinating with the National Civil Police so that joint patrols are carried out.

(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)
(Free Press Photo: Esbin García)

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