The “Nose”: The assistant of “Chapo” Guzmán who revealed the capo’s hiding places to obtain a lesser sentence

Mario Hidalgo Argüello, is known in the drug world as the “Nose” due to his prominence. But, what is the importance of this Chapo assistant? The authorities discovered that he “knew everything” about his boss, Chapo Guzmán.

Hidalgo was a man of extreme confidence for the capo, he knew from the ones he had, who he hung out with at all times, which women he courted, to the hiding places he used the most to outwit the police.

The US Anti-Narcotics Office (DEA) did not hesitate to negotiate with the “Nose” to the extent that one of his agents, Víctor Sánchez, declared that “he knew absolutely everything about El Chapo”, and that he has now obtained a Sentence less than that which corresponded to him for betraying his boss, according to a note from the portal

Key man

The importance of the witness, who has now obtained a reduced sentence of three years, is that he was a person of “entire” confidence in Chapo. The Mexican press documented that El Nariz was contacted by elements of the Mexican Navy and a DEA agent in 2014, who located him when he was leaving a party in Culiacán, Sinaloa and that he was recognized for his “prominent” nose.

As proof of his intention to collaborate with the DEA, the agents demanded that he visit Guzmán Loera’s hideouts.

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Víctor Vásquez, DEA agent, declared in 2019 the importance of the nose for the capture of Chapo. “We knew that Nariz was an individual who knew all their houses, their cars, locations, where Guzmán Loera spent time in the city of Culiacán,” he declared, according to a note published in

Reduced sentence

The first week of December, a judge at the United States District Court, based in San Diego, sentenced El Nariz to seven years in prison, accused of importing marijuana from Mexican territory to an American aboard a yacht, according to several notes. press reports from the US and Mexico. Hidalgo was arrested in March 2017 in Mexico, from where he was extradited to San Diego in January 2020.

“I wanted money”

During the course of his trial, Hidalgo declared that he was one of the seven children of his parents who were poor laborers. “You grow up and what you keep thinking about is what it means to have money,” said the Nose before the court, according to a note from

The betrayal of the Nose was a great blow to Chapo’s security by informing the authorities of the network of hiding places and hidden warehouses in which his boss was operating, who that same year would be arrested in Mazatlán, in a building facing the sea , accompanied by his wife Emma Coronel and their twin daughters.

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El Chapo would not spend much time behind bars as he managed to escape months after the El Altiplano prison through a tunnel from his cell. Months later, he was again captured and extradited in January 2017 to the United States, where he was sentenced in 2019 to life imprisonment for crimes related to drug trafficking.

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