The images of giraffes dying of thirst that go around the world as a warning of climate change

Last November the United Nations world conference on the climate crisis was held and in accordance with The New York Times, concluded with a hard-won agreement that urged countries to return next year with stronger emission reduction targets and promises.

According The New York Times The agreement is intended to double the money available to help countries cope with the impacts of global warming. In addition, the dialogues that took place at COP26 prompted several countries to better formulate their proposals.

Meanwhile, the BBC said that there is an ambitious attempt to curb rising temperatures on the planet.

While that arrives and is fulfilled, recently the world population was shocked with photographs of some dead giraffes in Kenya.

According to NatGeo, last November, the Sabuli Wildlife Conservation Center in Wajir, Kenya, reported the death of eleven giraffes after the worsening of a drought driven by lack of rain since September.

The photographs were disseminated on social networks and according to CNN, animal protection organizations warn of the death of giraffes and other species due to the lack of water in Kenya.

“We have lost 11 of our gentle giant giraffes this week due to the worsening drought,” reported the Sabuli Wildlife Conservancy community on their official Twitter account.

On the other hand, last September the president of Kenya declared a national disaster due to the droughts that are going through a part of the country.

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