Tania Mendoza: What relationship had the actress murdered in Mexico and the capo Arturo Beltrán Leyva

The Mexican press documents that the actress filmed several low-budget “narco-movies”. She was shot to death on Tuesday, December 14, in Cuernavaca, Morelos, in central Mexico, while taking her 11-year-old son to soccer classes. Police reported that at least two hit men shot the actress.

After his death, controversy has arisen because, according to users, through their social networks, the actress and model shared photographs of drug trafficker Arturo Beltrán Leyva, known as “El Barbas”, leader of the cartel that bears his surnames.

On the web it is commented that the actress, on more than one occasion, shared photographs of the narco Beltrán Leyva who curiously, in recent weeks, has returned to the public eye after the journalist Anabel Hernández, through her book Emma and the other narco ladies, linked him with the host Galilea Montijo, with whom he apparently had a love affair, according to a note published on repretel.com

At the moment there is no record of any relationship between Mendoza and Beltrán Leyva or that at least they maintained a friendship or family bond; However, in her publications the actress used to refer to the man as “little brother” and in her posts she took the opportunity to show her feelings to the leader of the cartel. Some media speculate that Tania had admiration for the kingpin, adds the repretel.com note.


Mendoza was born in 1979 and was the protagonist of The mere queen of the south in 2005. In addition, he participated in more than 200 series B (low budget) films and narco-movies. Tania also participated in films such as The Queen of the Pacific, The Tejano lady, Gañanes de la Bahia, 100 kilos of lead, The Lord of Sinaloa, Federal Ambush, The Rude Barbie, Halloween Y Day of the Dead. He also shared the stage in the play Mom takes our boyfriends away with Angélica María with the character of Rebeca.

You can also read Mexican narco Beltrán Leyva is sentenced to life imprisonment in the United States.

According to police reports, two subjects on a motorcycle arrived at the scene, one of them got out of the vehicle and shot him in the face, and then fled. After the crime, a security operation was deployed in the area to locate those responsible, but so far neither those responsible have been found, nor have they arrested for this fact.

The actress was active on her social networks


In 2010, Mendoza was kidnapped along with her husband and son and reported death threats at the time. The body of the singer was recognized by her husband, according to the Police. Until this week the causes of the attack as well as the identity of the attackers are unknown.

I love you wrote the actress in one of her publications in reference to the capo Beltrán Leyva. (Photo Instagram / taniamendoza5).


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