On video: The violent fight between a motorist and a cyclist (the road incident, the insults and the beatings)

On Monday, December 13, 2021, images began to circulate in which a fight between two men is observed in the middle of a traffic lane.

According to international media, the incident occurred in front of the Monument of the Spanish, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo, Argentina.

The fight was carried out by a motorist and a cyclist who came to blows due to differences. In addition, it was learned that the car was driven by a man over 60 years old and the bicycle by another over 30 years old.

According to local police reports, the car brushed against the rear wheel of the bicycle and that caused the cyclist to lose control and moments later the young man attacked the older adult’s vehicle and allegedly damaged the door, the rear view mirror and tried to leave the place.

According to the images that were released on social networks, some passers-by who passed by the place intervened to prevent the fight from continuing

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When everything seemed to calm down, there was an exchange of insults and that led to the blows.


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