Officials of the Penitentiary System who facilitated night meetings in Mariscal Zavala are linked to the process

The Public Ministry (MP) reported this Wednesday, December 15, that they were linked to a process six officials of the Penitentiary System (SP) for allowing evening gatherings in a prison.

The incident occurred in the preventive detention center for men and women Mariscal Zavala, on June 30, 2021.

The court on duty, at the request of the Office of the Prosecutor for Administrative Crimes, He linked them to proceedings for breach of duties.

Those linked to the process are:

  • Adolfo Ramírez Virula, director of the prison
  • Óscar Vidal Sanic Samol, warden of the prison
  • Edy Rodolfo Toc Gue, typist
  • Enrique Cuc Misti, Head of Services
  • Pedro Choc Coc, Men’s Personnel Record Keeper and Front Door Keychain
  • Mynor Manfredy Hernández Baudriz, main gate toll and object search commander

However, in its resolution the court granted substitute measures to the accused.

Ramírez Virula and Sanic Samol were imposed the payment of economic surety of Q30 thousand.

While the rest of the syndicated must pay Q15 thousand.

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