Learn about the scandals that “tarnished” the career and life of Vicente Fernández

Since his family announced his death precisely on the day that Mexico commemorates the Virgin of Guadalupe, on December 12, thousands of followers have been waiting for what his family prepared for the singer’s funeral service.

As the days passed, the controversial news did not wait and between friends, examiners and the occasional enemy of the icon of Mexican regional music, they have revealed certain “stains” in Chente’s life and career.

These are some of the news that have gained relevance after his death.


El Charro de Huentitán had a reputation for being a womanizer and rumors suggested that he had several love affairs, despite the fact that he married María del Refugio Abarca Villaseñor, better known as Cuquita. The singer even acknowledged an extramarital affair in 2019. In an interview, he said that he was unfaithful to his wife.

Presumed ties with the narco

In 2013, authorities in Spain investigated Vicente Fernández during his farewell tour. The Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard of Spain conducted the investigation and it was estimated that only in Chente’s presentations, on June 15, 16 and 17, 2012 in Spain, some 300 thousand euros could be laundered, according to the newspaper. The country on that occasion.

Accused of rape

In February 2021, the singer Lupita Castro assured that the Charro de Huentitán had raped her 40 years ago. The news caused sting in the Fernández family, who always denied the accusations.

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“They criticize me because I am speaking up to now, but people who suffer things like this have a process and it is never too late to confront, denounce or say it, and less if it is part of the healing process,” Lupita mentioned, according to a note published in latimes.com.

A kiss, forbidden?

In 2018, photographs of Chente and a mysterious woman who were just over 30 years old were made viral, and it was presumed she was a minor. In the images they came out kissing and hugging. The interpreter never gave a statement on the matter and the issue disappeared in the media, although it was pointed out by his detractors.


After the publication of the images of the forbidden kiss, years later videos were published on TikTok in which he touched a young woman on the breast without her consent. The young woman later said that she did not realize it until she saw the images later. This generated several criticisms of harassment against the artist, who was forced to offer an apology.

Transplant rejection

In 2019, Fernández said in an interview that he refused a liver transplant in case the donor was “homosexual or a drug addict.” He had just been diagnosed in Houston with a possible cancerous mass, he said. “They wanted to put someone else’s liver on me and I said: no friend, I’m not going to sleep with my wife with another guy’s organ. I don’t know if he was homosexual or a drug addict, “he said in the interview.

Political views

Another media moment was the time he criticized Donald Trump, whom he accused of slandering Mexicans. “There is a candidate for the presidency of the United States who is saying many ugly things about Mexicans (…) the day I find him I am going to spit in his face, I am going to tell him his m… and I am going to tell him what I never they have told him in his beggar life, ”he said.

Doña “Cuquita”, Vicente Fernández’s wife remained faithful to her husband until the day of his death. (Photo: Instagram / @ vicentefdez).


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