Law 21 is neither racist nor anti-Muslim

The crusade against the Quebec law on the secularism of the state (law 21) has started again. So what has Quebec done to be the target of such a smear campaign?

The Ontario Ministry of Education recently funded the publication of a video clip that links the law to an “Islamophobic” act.

A production produced by the Muslim Association of Canada, well known for its fundamentalist orientations. Thomas Mulcair came to his rescue by speaking of a discriminatory and Islamophobic law.

The CSEM’s stunt followed, consisting in transforming into a “victim” a veiled replacement, deliberately engaged two years after the adoption of the Quebec law.

Hostility towards Quebec

Andrea Horwath, leader of the Ontario NDP, spoke up for the young victim: “ Quebec’s Bill 21 is xenophobic, wrong and empowers the rising tide of hate in all our communities She wrote. ” It makes all Canadian less free, safe and welcome. ” For the Toronto Star, this law is like an abomination! Bob Rae, former leader of the NDP and Canadian ambassador to the UN, has finally added his two cents while Justin Trudeau and his minister Marc Miller raise the tone by polishing their weapons.

The ban on religious symbols for state officials or the full veil in public bodies is in no way an anti-Muslim manifestation. Wearing the veil is not, moreover, a Koranic prescription. Wearing the niqab or the burqa even less.

Moreover, a quick overview of some Muslim or European countries highlights the outrageous nature of this hostility manifested towards Quebec.

Algeria, whose family code is based on Sharia law, has itself prohibited since 2004 the wearing of religious symbols by customs officials and other state officials in a position of authority, i.e. those of the security services. , the police, the gendarmerie and the army. Wearing the full veil is also prohibited for teachers. What is more, the company Air Algeria forbids flight attendants to wear the Islamic veil so as not to upset passengers. Does Algeria harbor a hatred against Islam?

English Canada, the tenors of the Liberals and the New Democrats are not at their first charge against the secular will of Quebecers.

In 2015, on the eve of the federal electoral meeting, they stubbornly defended the wearing of the full veil on the occasion of the ceremony of granting citizenship and the exercise of the right to vote, even though 95% of Quebecers opposed it.

This ostentatious sign, it was said in Ottawa, was the expression of a religious fervor displayed freely, concealing that it turns out to be a symbol of enslavement for women, a clothing prison advocated de facto by oppressive politico-religious ideologies, including those of the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist movements and Iranian fundamentalist currents.

Democratic States

Europeans are aware of these Islamist excesses, since they have paid the price. Belgium (2011), France (2011), Bulgaria (2016), Austria (2017) and Denmark (2018) have even banned the full veil from public space.

Germany, however multiculturalist, forbids it for agents of the State and public services; it also proscribes it when communication requires it, in schools in particular. In the Netherlands in 2016, by a vote of 132 out of 150 deputies, the Second Chamber banned the full-face veil in certain public places such as schools, hospitals and public transport. All of these countries are governed by democratic states. They are not scolded by the courts of the European Union either.


In addition, in 2017, Morocco banned the production and distribution of the burqa. In April 2019, Sri Lanka also proclaimed a ban on the Islamic full veil (niqab and burqa) in the country following the Easter bombing by the Islamic State that killed 253 people. Are these terrible Islamophobic decisions?

To be anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-Christian, anti-Arab, anti-Black or anti-Asian, all of this is racism. Rejecting the dogmas of religious fundamentalism and separating religion from the State is a matter of democracy and the protection of the freedom of conscience of all, including that of children. Law 21 is therefore not anti-Muslim.

This is why the federal government must withdraw from the process of legal challenges to the Quebec law and stop all funding for groups seeking to destroy it.

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