How will the indicated generator’s contract proceed in a case of corruption? So far, nobody knows

There are still 10 years of validity of said contract.

On December 14, 2021, the Public Ministry (MP) reported that it made nine arrests, of the 13 arrest warrants issued against those who made up the Inde’s board of directors in 2014, apart from several former officials and former employees of the entity.

These were accused of participating in an alleged anomalous process to create the need for a purchase of electricity, for which they were also accused of fraud and breach of duties. The process includes another arrest warrant against the former Minister of Energy and Mines, Érick Archila.

From 2014 to 2021, Inde has paid that company Q826.8 million, said the MP.

That institute indicated Tuesday that it respects the law and makes itself available to collaborate with the authorities as necessary; He also mentioned that he abides by the legal process and respects the presumption of innocence in the investigations.

On Wednesday, in response to inquiries made by Prensa Libre about the status of the aforementioned contract, he replied that at this time he cannot pronounce on the matter and that the corresponding analyzes should be made.

Separately, the consultant Jorge García Chiu, former Deputy Minister of Energy and Mines, said that when the accusations for this hiring emerged in 2014, the Comptroller General of Accounts (CGC) had to audit the procedure and the contract, however now he indicates that To suspend it, the steps established by law must be followed to avoid counterclaims. In the annual audit report for that period, there is no mention of this hiring and no findings in this regard.

Rodrigo Fernández, president of the National Electric Power Commission (CNEE) responded that the Inde is an autonomous institution, that it has its own Organic Law that regulates its processes and that the subject of the aforementioned contract obeys the dynamics of that entity; In addition, it is one more agent within the country’s electricity system for generation, transportation and commercialization.

“Due to the early phase of the process, it would not be responsible to issue any opinion, rather than the contract obeyed the needs of the Inde and that within that logic, it should be administered, but first the due process must be exhausted and above all, always safeguard the guarantee of presumption of innocence, “added the official.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Alberto Pimentel, who also chairs the Inde, has not responded to the request for information.

The institute awarded a contract to generator La Libertad, which produces coal-based power, for 15.2 megawatts at US $ 119 per megawatt / hour; that is, almost US $ 0.12 per kilowatt hour, for a period of 17 years, prices questioned in that year by different sectors.

On that occasion it was mentioned that the entity needed the purchase of electricity to complete the commitments it had acquired to supply the distributors for the Social Rate segment.

The Inde budget settlement reports refer that around Q115 million have been paid annually to said company.

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