Homeland and life

Again I heard the song “Patria y Vida” by Yotuel. Song that the singer made with December Bueno, Gente de Zona, Luis Manuel Otero, Maykel Osorbo and Funky. This song, which was released in February 2021, became popular during the July 11 protests in Cuba, when Cubans, fed up with the dictatorship, took to the streets to shout “Freedom.”

Although some attribute the protests to the health crisis due to the pandemic and the lack of medicine and food, the reality is that the protests occurred because people can no longer endure without freedom. It is not possible that in the XXI century dictatorships based on terror and lack of freedom will continue to be tolerated. It is not possible that the most fundamental individual rights of the people, such as the right to life, property and liberty, continue to be violated, for whatever reason. Cuba is a bloody dictatorship that has survived for more than 60 years on the basis of a state apparatus of brutal repression. Those who criticize other democratic regimes in the world and defend the Cuban are going crazy by not denouncing the atrocities of that and other similar regimes.

Homeland and Life is a song of protest against all that dictatorship, a song full of truths and extreme sensitivity crying out for the end of the fateful regime and for the freedom that was extinguished in 1959 to be recovered. Next year will be key to see if the things change. After the July 11 protest, things seem to be taking a certain momentum, and although another new protest did not prosper last November, the atmosphere is hot for something to change on the island.

What the Díaz-Canel government did. Well, the usual, saying that the protests were criminal and counterrevolutionary and sending his entire repressive guard to beat left and right, in addition to imprisoning some protesters and disappearing others. He blamed the United States as he always does and used his marketing mechanism to deny the true causes of the protests. Some Cubans have been sentenced to several years in prison for protesting. Condemned in flawed trials from start to finish to set, as always, the example of fear and terror to the rest of the population. It is the government’s way of deterring more protests. Of course, they can protest in favor of the government, but no one can protest against.

I return to Yotuel’s song because it has a lot of truth, and when listening to it, you feel desperation for things to change. Part of the lyrics talks about the miseries that Cubans experience. “We are artists, we are sensitivity. The true story, not the wrong one. We are the dignity of an entire people trampled on. At gunpoint and with words that are still nothing. No more lies. My people ask for freedom, no more doctrines. Let us no longer shout homeland or death, but homeland and life. And start building what we dream of. What they destroyed with their hands. Let the blood not continue to flow. For wanting to think differently. Who told you that Cuba is yours? If my Cuba belongs to all my people. Your time is up, the silence has been broken. ” And the song ends like this: “Homeland and life, sixty years locked the domino.”

The dictatorial regime in Cuba must change. I am sure that if the system changes and freedom returns, in addition to respecting people’s property and lives, the country will be one of the most prosperous in Latin America. The rest of the countries influenced by Cuba will also change by withdrawing that apparatus of terror that advises Venezuela and other countries. Homeland and Life!


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